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Private Money

8-Week Accelerator Coaching Program

Private Money

Accelerator Coaching Program

This 8 Week Coaching Program is designed to give each student the Confidence, Credibility, and Clarity they need to succeed. 

We will take you through an 8 week journey tailored to private money borrowing and lending and learning the 3 pillars of private money success.

This interactive learning experience often includes hands-on activities and exercises, which allow for direct interaction, personalized feedback, and clarification on specific topics.

During the first 4 weeks of the program, you will learn the skills and knowledge needed to successfully and securely lend money on real estate backed deals. The final 4 weeks will give you the support you need to make sure you understand and are implementing everything you learned. 

We are thrilled to provide you with the opportunity to take a break from the daily routine, get a change of scenery and help increase your financial creativity.

Twice Weekly Training:
Mondays - 12PM EST &
Wednesdays - 6PM EST

Program Investment: $2,997

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The 3 Pillars for Success

What are the pillars for success in private money lending and borrowing
and why are they so important?


Confidence increases as knowledge builds. We will start with the subjects of lending and borrowing private money. We need to learn the foundations and feel confident that we understand how private money lending and borrowing works in order to portray that competence to others and feel the certainty that comes with understanding. As your knowledge of the subject increases, so will your confidence, so you have a solid foundation from which to move forward.


Whether you are a brand new to private money or already experienced, we will show you how to become the Expert and Authority in the eyes of clients. This credibility can be built through how you present yourself, what you say, expertise in knowing exactly what needs to be done for a successful transactions, and showing borrowers and lenders you will make their lives easier. We will help you create the vision, leading to more success, and potentially higher returns for you.


Borrowers know they need money for deals, but how do you SHOW them you’re the right lender, you’re worth the rate you want to charge, and develop that relationship for years to come? By providing clarity. We will show you exactly how to accomplish this whether you are communicating via face to face, email, text, or even directly on the Private Money Club platform. With great communication comes great clarity, and success.

The First 4 Weeks

The first 4 weeks of the coaching program will consist of Weekly 90 minute group Zoom sessions. Each week, we will teach you and show you how to become the ultimate private money professional. You will be required to complete homework each week. And we will leave time at the end of each zoom for Q&A. (And if you can’t make one week, do not fret, it will be recorded and you can keep the recordings for as long as you like.)

What to look for in a borrower and their team

Risk assessments and what rate to charge

7 Steps to Building Credibility with Lenders

Elevator Pitch Mastery

Mindset of a successful borrower and lender (understanding the other side of the coin)

Critical Documents lenders use to protect their money

Mastering the 1-on-1 Meeting

How to Present Yourself, Your Deal, and Your Offer

Establishing a business model and how to effectively communicate it with others

Understanding the rules, what not to say, say this instead of that

The 4 Phases of Funding with a Private Money Loan

What to SAY and DO Before, During, and After We Borrow Money

Building an elevator pitch

Leveraging the resources available to you in PMC

Developing Your Perfect Loan Proposal

Once you complete the first 4 weeks, you will have additional assignments so you are prepared succeed in Private Money borrowing and lending. We will review these with you over the next 4 weeks. We will also provide support, answer any questions you have, and help you however we can during this time period.

The support will be provided via SLACK, a secure online platform for communication.

Twice Weekly Training:
Mondays - 12PM EST &
Wednesdays - 6PM EST

Program Investment: $2,997


  • You will be introduced on Money Club Mondays as a graduate of the Accelerator coaching program (building your credibility.)

  • You will receive access to our Trusted Referral Partners for entity creation, saving on taxes, structuring your business, and attorneys to create or review your contracts.

  • You will receive the tools borrowers and lenders use so you are prepared to understand the other side of the coin.

  • You will receive a badge to display on your PMC Profile showing others you graduated the Accelerator Coaching program and enhance your credibility.

Some of the Topics and Strategies you Will Learn During the Private Money Accelerator Coaching Program:

  • The absolute first step
  • Learn how to avoid the biggest mistake
  • Jumpstart our credibility
  • How to recognize opportunities
  • How to introduce the idea of borrowing to others
  • The best way to build long term relationships
  • The paradigm shift that gets results
  • How to gracefully let the numbers speak for themselves
  • Example loan terms and rates
  • How we stay professional
  • Awareness around regulations
  • The important difference between an equity and debt position
  • 4 Critical Documents we use when lending private money
  • Walk through of each document and what it looks like
  • Example timelines for a seamless transaction
  • Important numbers that lenders will want to know
  • The foundation to our elevator pitch
  • Developing a business model that helps keep lenders and borrowers safe
  • Simple ways to build interest
  • The best way to get people excited about the idea of lending
  • How to successfully set up a meeting with a potential lender

Upon completion of coaching, student will receive a Coaching badge to be displayed on their PMC profile.

Meet Your Coach Noah Harris

Real Estate Experience

  • 10+ Years of real estate investing experience
  • 9+ Years of borrowing private funds for real estate
  • Have used private funds for: Fix and Flips, both long term and short term rentals, and mobile homes
  • 100% Track record with private money lenders
  • Former real estate agent and broker

Post Secondary Education Experience

  • Former 3 day workshop trainer for FortuneBuilders
  • Experienced & Enthusiastic Coach & Trainer
  • Founder of the REUP Conference

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Private Money

Accelerator Coaching Program


Mondays 12PM EST &
Wednesdays at 6PM EST

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Hey, Joel, hope you are well.

Just wanted to give a heartfelt thumbs up on the accelerator coaching program. I almost didn't sign up because--over the past few years, I've done a handful of coaching programs and have generally found them not to be worth the cash outlay.

This has been 1000% different!! Noah's presentations are really informative and easy to follow. he's given very practical and actionable teaching and provided some amazing sample documents. He has also shown how to use some of the samples on the PMC learning portal.

I especially like being able to switch back and forth between "borrower" and "lender" perspectives.
And I've also found the homework he assigns really helpful. I simply cannot say enough good things about the program and how glad I am that I made the leap!

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