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Four Unit building located in Rockford Illinois. Clear title owned by my business, Moving Forward Properties Rockford LLC, I will include the lot adjacent to the building I own (two pins 11-21-232-015 &11-21-232-014) in this transaction as 1st position. I am looking for $100k to be loaned to my business. I prefer a longer time frame than one year and am willing to pay on an amortized schedule if needed, but interest only is preferred. Interest rate is negotiable
but willing to work within 10-15% range. If you are looking to park your money for a long term I am also willing to discuss a conventional type loan on this building.

The building is fully rented and cash flowing (check my pro forma attached). Two units are recently fully remodeled and self pay, two units are under HUD housing agreements that pay quarterly, in advance. I can provide leases and riders from HUD for current tenants (due to tenants personal info I will provide via serious inquires only).

New roof in fall of 2019. Painting exterior is schedule to happen this summer and deposit was made. I manage this building personally. See my profile for my background experience and credentials in real estate. The building is located on a corner lot across from an elementary school.

I am looking to cash out of this cash flowing property to remodel the upper floors of a mix unit I own in Rockford approx. 2 miles from this building. The mix unit upper floors are vacant, bottom remodeled office space is rented to Shelter Care since 2017.
I purchased these properties as part of a non-performing note portfolio I did back in 2017-2018. Winnebago County Treasurer’s web site is still back in 2018 and indicates there are back taxes, which there are not. Feel free to call and verify. I am apparently challenged to zip my file so please email me for comps and pics.

Please call or email me to discuss this opportunity or any questions you may have.
Julieann Ferraro – Moving Forward Properties Rockford LLC
847-361-7664 /

2,359 Sqft 4 Bed 2 Bath property built in 1920 in a great part of Clarksburg, WV. Purchasing property at a very deep discount. Roof is only 2 years old. House has a lot of very attractive character that will be preserved.

Short Scope of Work:

Full gut remodel
HVAC work
Plaster repair -walls and ceilings
All walls and ceilings will be mudded for new smooth finish
Fully Remodeled Bathrooms
All new remodeled Kitchen featuring an island, tile backsplash, and all new cabinets
Kitchen wall will be blown out to provide an open concept
All new light fixtures
New stainless steel appliances
All new Laminate plank flooring throughout
Some windows will be replaced
Upstairs hallway will be drywalled
All fireplaces will be covered with the exception of one
All new doors and door hardware

New landscaping
Whole house will be painted
New shutters
Removal of awnings

This is a pool of three performing notes located in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

They have been cash flowing every month and have a solid pay history.

Total Balance: $214k
Total As-is Property Value: $283k
Purchase Price/Funding Amount: $153k

2118 Adelaide St Kalamazoo, MI 49001
174 Battle Creek Ave Battle Creek, MI 49037
331 S. 4th St Harrisburg, PA 17113 (Duplex)

Amount: $153,210
Timeline: 12-24 months
Your return: 6%
Quarterly Cashflow: $2,298.15

Check out the overview in the pictures for more information

Please reach out to me to discuss further!

Paul Riley

We are looking to raise $80,000 at 15% to cover rehab and out of pocket expenses



New Rood Deal. Affordable 3/2 for rehab in New Iberia, LA. Looking for $107k on this deal.

1. Over the past few years, the land has been under option to buy from the seller with a closing date no later than June 2022 (which means we have the right to buy it, and no one else can during that time)

2. The land has been annexed into the city, re-zoned for home lots, and master planned for several thousand lots.  

3. The Bradley Ridge site is fully zoned with only administrative approval needed to finish entitlement and record individual lots.

4. Project is expected to be fully pre-sold to national homebuilders (DR Horton, Century Communities, and Richmond America) prior to our purchase in June 2022.  When we complete engineering in approximately 9-12 months, the builders will purchase the lots from us.

5. CO Springs is growing east, right into our lots.

6. Lots are in very high demand with National builders bidding up the price of lots due to lack of supply.

7. We close on the >85 acres at the end of June 2022.

8. National Home Builders will deposit $1M+ Earnest Money prior to our purchase of >85 acres in June 2022.

9. Projected sale date to National Home builders is April 2023.

10. We will be working with National Home builders on the final layout and city approval for these lots.  

11. We are buying the lots for $40,000 per lot.

12. We are expecting to sell the lots for an average of $65,000 per lot.

We’re looking to raise up to $750,000 to complete the purchase+upgrades at 887 S McDonough St, Montgomery, AL 36104.
Purchase price: $650,000
Purchase Date: 5/16/22
Reno/Upgrade Budget: $100,000
Existing Net Cashflow: $64,137
Current Annual Rent: $101,852
Total Building SQFT: 15,354sqft

The attached OM has not been updated since the leases were updated with higher rents per unit.

Our Plan:
Post acquisition, we plan to not only lease out the remaining vacant space for a total of $2,740/mo adding $32,880/year in income. We already have that company ready to sign the lease and move in immediately after the purchase date. From there, we plan to build 6 storage units that will be 10’x20′ each. These will be rented at the market rate of $325/mo each bringing in an additional $1,950/mo or $23,400/year. Two of these units already have tenants ready to sign year long leases as soon as the build-out is completed.

We’re expecting for this acquisition to be a 3-5 year hold before selling. Lease increases for the current tenants in the main building are expected after the first year of ownership. Once this property is fully leased and stabilized, we will be looking at a total annual rent of $158,132 and a net operating income of roughly $115,000/year. When it comes time to sell, if we sell at a very conservative capitalization rate of 10%, we will be looking at a sale price of $1,150,000.

This leaves us with $400,000 of immediate equity after the 6-8 month stabilization period after the purchase.

Our Offer:
Interest Payments – We are willing to offer a 12% return to an investor over a 12 month period in interest only payments. This will yield $7,500/mo or $90,000/year to an investor for helping us close the deal and we will use bank financing for the exit within the 12 month period.

Equity Position – Due to the need for a fast closing, we are willing to give up a 50% equity position to someone to come in and cover the deal and partner with us. This will leave you with receiving 50% of all of the monthly net cashflow as well as half of the expected $400,000 in profit at the end of the deal. We suggest that you use your LLC as you will need to sign for 50% ownership on all of the closing documents when we close.

If you’re interested, we will provide you with all copies of the warranties, deeds, lease agreements, blueprints, security system manuals, and surveys on the property.

A proof of funds verification letter will be required up front to ensure the safety of all parties and ensure a smooth closing.

Hi folks. If you’re looking for a passive income opportunity based on real estate, let’s have a chat.
Cell: 716-201-9204

Looking to raise funds for a bulk tax lien sale ASAP. ( for pennies on the dollar)
Bidding must be submitted by 4/15/2022
The current value of the tax liens = $1,409,662.93 of liens. The village of Freeport is taking a blind bid from the highest bidder at a lower rate. This is a fire sale.
I will be putting up $200,000 of my own money
The bidding is secret bidding on bulk tax liens ( approximately 188 tax liens ) (Medium tax lien sale amount is $7,498.20
I will bid as high as I can raise funds by 4/15/2022
The final payment is due 4/25/2022
The value of the tax liens after 1 year if redeemed is $1,578,822.48. Willing to negotiate with terms for quick use of funds.
I have 20 years of experience buying tax liens