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13 Unit Mixed Use – Interest and Equity for 20% ROI

Christopher Bellacose


Attached is the lender offering and summary for a  mixed use building I have under contract. My team and I think it’s a great investment and has amazing upside potential.

We are looking for a lender to join us and receive 10% interest and up to 10% equity in this $1.6M 10 CAP 13 unit Mixed Unit Deal. We plan on forcing appreciation by adding additional units and raising rents as we improve the building in a growing section of Buffalo NY. We see an exit or Refi at a valuation at $2.5M.

Our previous BRRRR Building, 463 3rd Street in Niagara Falls was successfully completed using this strategy to get us our ‘Free Building’. We purchased it for $355K raised rents and general improvements to increase rents and we refinanced 3 years later (delayed because of covid) for 80% of $510K getting our investment back. The property is now worth $800k at a 9.5 cap.  We intend to employ the same strategy with Grant Street.

The West Side of Buffalo is seeing a resurgence for a  number of reasons and the diversity of the people moving in is giving it great color. The Grant-Ferry Commercial District, was once one of the most dynamic neighborhood commercial districts in Buffalo, and is still the heart of the West Side. It features many unique stores such as the West Side Bazaar, a small business incubator with a diverse array of international food and vendors.  The area is being marketed as the “International Marketplace” of the City.

One of the things driving this is Buffalo is becoming a movie town. They recently built a $20M facility in the neighborhood to shoot movies!  There is lots of new construction in the area and we believe the numbers in the deck are realistic as well as the time frame to force appreciation.

Please review the attached and lets discuss.



Grant Street Lender Offering