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1st Position Available, 12% APR, 3 points, 275K Needed

Bobby Tindal

Santee Cooper Annex is located inside Santee Cooper Resort Golf course gated community with access to Lake Marion and tons of amenities. This quiet neighborhood sells frequently between 300-400K due to its low price point and desirable lifestyle for the retirees wanting to belong to a private community.  We purchased this home at the right price and now looking to finish up the renovations by completing flooring/paint and upgrades to the HVAC, bathrooms and kitchen.  We recently sold one near here all cash to a buyer with no contingencies fast closing for full asking price of 355k.  We strongly feel this is a better property that will equally sell quickly once our renovations are completed.  Looking for a 6 month loan to get this across the finish line.  Offering 12% APR monthly payments with 3 additional points paid on the backend.

If interested, email for details.