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3 properties in Upstate Ny 12% interest payment

Dwayne L Zimmerman

Hello Everyone It’s Dwayne L Zimmerman       Currently my business owns 11 properties where we have been consistently returning over 20% ROI to our investors       Have 3 deals under contract that need funding   looking for a short-term loan at 12%     All three properties are under contract for around 60% arv      3158781319 is my cell    as well as


  1. Chris Naugle

    Can you post photos, details and specifics on the deals and on your company?  Maybe attach the details?  By asking for people to email you are creatingmore mork for a lender.  You are the borrower so post more information and then you will get more of a response.  Just trying to help you get traction and this post will not get traction since it has not substance and creates work for lenders.