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Alternate Lending

Bob McIntosh

So much of what we come here for is lending on real estate, but there are so many other ways to lend money and earn a return!

I recently read the book Zero Down by Roland Fraser and it talks all about buying businesses with “zero dollars down” through stacking many different methods and we took action on it.

So my current business is buying another business that is directly aligned with our current business.  I have negotiated a seller carry back and could fund the down payment internally but we’re always taught to look for win/win opportunities. So I want to put out an offer to lend on this purchase!  We need a total of $112,000 for 1 year and will pay it back one month at a time from the existing cashflow from the business.

This creates a win for us and for you too!

I am curious who else is looking at opportunities like this?!


  1. Jonathan & Joaquin

    Hi Bob, thanks for the write up! My partner and I are actively buying small businesses as well. Buying one on the east cost with $0 down, $20k deferred for 90 days, will be generated from the cashflow of the business. I structured a 10 year note with the seller at 0% interest, completely seller financed. I have another on the west coast, not as great terms but cashflows well – $125k down, carry of $165k over 5 yr period at 5%. Interested to see who else is in the M&A space here, or would like to participate in this sector?

  2. Keren Brown

    I currently have a 25 acre high end glamping & events resort under contract 25 min from the Austin TX airport. I’ve spent the last 25 yrs founding retail and product brands, as well as operations and consulting, which also led to hospitality and huge event management. Along with my love for land, outdoors, and sustainable farming I’m SO looking forward to scaling this resort’s operation and revenue.

    The accepted offer of 1.4M includes land/ structure valuation, they’re not charging anything for the business, client lists, site, all assets. So far I’ve got 700K of this seller financed, a term sheet fro 700K at 80/20 LTV, and am allowed to bring a PML for the down (inc. fees) of $175K 2nd position.

    I realize this is a lot to read, so thanks for your time this far! If you have any feedback on my PML offer of $175K down with 20% flat return over 6 mo, monthly pmts included, please share. I had a solid offer, guy had wiring info to title Monday and he jumped when the lender asked for an appraisal that cost us a week.

    So glad to hear there are others acquiring businesses! If nothing else its great to meet other operators/ investors who get their hands in the scaling of a company. Glad to add value if applicable, just reach out.