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Alternate Lending

Bob McIntosh

So much of what we come here for is lending on real estate, but there are so many other ways to lend money and earn a return!

I recently read the book Zero Down by Roland Fraser and it talks all about buying businesses with “zero dollars down” through stacking many different methods and we took action on it.

So my current business is buying another business that is directly aligned with our current business.  I have negotiated a seller carry back and could fund the down payment internally but we’re always taught to look for win/win opportunities. So I want to put out an offer to lend on this purchase!  We need a total of $112,000 for 1 year and will pay it back one month at a time from the existing cashflow from the business.

This creates a win for us and for you too!

I am curious who else is looking at opportunities like this?!