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Amazing opportunity! Invest $125,000 and get a 30% return!

Chris Benson pllc

If you want your money secured by a first-lien mortgage on real estate and get a fantastic return with minimal risk, this opportunity is for you!

Selective Real Estate Construction is a licensed and bonded General Contractor that operates in the Chicago area. Our ONLY business is to invest in properties to fix and flip.

Here is what Selective Offers:

Investment highlights :
– Minimum investment : $125,000
– Term: 12 months guaranteed
– Get $2,490.90/month interest-only monthly payments for the first 11 months ;
– Get $135,000 back on the 12th month (125k principal + 10k balloon).
– If the property sells before your loan matures, you have the possibility to switch to another deal without your payments ever stopping.

Collateral/security instruments :
– FIRST mortgage lien on a real estate property
– Promissory note from the entity holding title of the property ;
– Personal guarantee.

Want More Info?? Set up a call to speak with the CEO:

Click on the Link below to see the Flyer.

MASTER Flyer – 125k investment opportunity (Investment Groups) (1)