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Anyone Participated in the AirBNB on Wheels Investment?

Marcee L. Stephenson

Has anyone on PMC completed an investment with Kendrick Madison Transportation in their AirBNB on Wheels investment opportunity?  Want feedback.


  1. Iris Olivas

    Yes!  I bought one truck and received my principal and interest back in 2 weeks!  I am in the process of investing in 3 more trucks from KMT.  Kendrick is a smart guy who knows his business well.  I fully endorse him! All my interactions with him have been very positive; he is doing big things in the trucking industry!  If you’d like any more info please feel free to connect with me; I’d be happy to provide it!


  2. Marcee L. Stephenson

    Iris, thank you so much for responding.  I only have a free account at this time, so am unable to message you directly.  Can you provide an email address to contact you, or you can contact me directly at  Excited to hear from someone who has gone through the whole process of this type of investment.