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Hawaii farmland on the North Shore of Oahu

Chris Walsh

This isn’t our usual deal.  My sister, who lives in Hawaii, has an opportunity to buy 6 acres of farmland on the North Shore of Oahu at a massive discount.  It is beautiful land with ocean views.  This is a very rare opportunity to purchase this type of land.


She is looking for investors to purchase the land and create a holistic health center.   She has the land under contract at almost 50% of its appraised value.  The owner is a native of Hawaii and wants the land to stay in good hands.  He is more interested in someone using the land for the right purpose than maximizing his profit.  She is looking for a short or long term funding partner,  depending on the person.  A long term partner would need to share in her vision for the land.  She would sell of 2 of the 6 parcels to pay the investor back for the down payment.   She is open to discuss terms.  Thanks for reading…


  1. Jacob Bopst

    Hey Chris,

    Any idea of the ballpark figure of how much your sister needs from a funding perspective, as well as the potential timeframe holding the money? Are the 2 parcels already subdivided that they want to sell and what would be the estimated sale price combined of both? I’d be interested in being the end buyer of one of those parcels as an agreement to help fund the full purchase if we were willing to talk about that. I would just need to know the ballpark figures.


  2. Chris Walsh

    Hey Jacob,

    Thanks for reaching out.  It would be best to put you in touch with Maureen ( my sister).   She has all of the details.   Ill message you privately to put you in contact with her.   Thanks.