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Homeowner flip in Akron, OH. In and out quickly….

Chris Walsh

Hello, we got a smoking off market deal for a 2/1 bath, single family house in Akron, Ohio.   The federal government is releasing 100 billion dollars to help new buyers in the “affordable housing” range to help with down payments and closing costs.   There is going to be a lot of opportunity to serve that market.

10** Laurel Ave in Akron.

Purchase 30k

Rehab 20K

Interest 13%

ARV  90K

The rehab includes a new kitchen, bath, flooring, paint and exterior touch ups ( paint, remove old awnings, landscaping).  We have solid crews that can jump on this project quickly.  The exit is sell to a first time home buyer.  It would also work as rental property.  There is also an opportunity to refinance and keep as a rental.  Rents in the area for a 2 bedroom range from $900-1100.

We are open to different financing structures.  We can do an annualized return or a flat fee.   We anticipate the project will take 3-4 months from purchase to sale ( We can never promise someone will buy in a certain time frame but we have a lot of experience in the area and are familiar with the market)

Feel free to reach out to me here or text to set up a phone call with any questions.  440 829 7141.  Thanks for your consideration.


If this deal does not fit, we have others in the pipeline that can be funded.   Most are a little higher dollar amounts.


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