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Invest $75,000 and get a 33% return!

Chris Benson pllc

Invest $75,000 and get a 33% return!

This investment opportunity is being offered to you by Selective Real Estate Construction, a licensed and bonded General Contractor and real estate investor operating in the Chicago area.

Investment highlights :
– Investment required : $75,000
– Term: 9 months
– Get 8 monthly payments of $ 1,593.75
– Get $87,000 back on the 9th month for a 33% return
– If the property is sold before your term ends, you have the opportunity to roll your loan to another property with the same terms.

Collateral/guarantees :
– 2nd mortgage lien ;
– Promissory note from the entity holding title of the property ;
– Personal guarantee

Property details :
Property address: 7130 S Cornell Ave, Chicago IL 60649
Property type: Single family home
Price of purchase : $65,000
ARV (after repair Value) : $350,000
Rehab budget: $112,853.17
Estimated rehab time: 12 weeks

The property is located is an area called South Shore, a very sought-after area near Lake Michigan.

For more information, call Steeve at (312) 961-0045 or email at

Property Flyer template – investment opportunity 75k (7130 S Cornell Ave)

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