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Investment opportunity 25% interest in KS


Property: 14-unit apartment complex

Current Status: 9 units occupied, 5 units poised for rehabilitation

Return on Investment: 25% ROI

Turnaround Time: 11 months

Investor Payments: Monthly payments

This opportunity stands out due to its clear potential for significant returns. With 9 units currently occupied and generating income, the investment risk is considerably mitigated. The vacant 5 units present a tremendous opportunity for modernization and rental value enhancement.

Key Highlights:

  1. Immediate Income Stream:*The 9 occupied units provide a stable income, ensuring reduced risk.
  2. Value-Add Strategy: The rehabilitation of the 5 vacant units will modernize the property, attract higher-paying tenants, and significantly increase the overall property value.
  3. Impressive ROI: With a projected 25% return on investment over an 11-month period, this opportunity offers substantial financial benefits.
  4. Monthly Payments:

Thank you for considering this exceptional opportunity. I look forward to the possibility of working together.