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Just joined here.

Tim Stottle

Newbie here. Just getting started with the money multiplier and hope to be investing in the future. Looking forward to learning all I can here. Looking forward to learning from everyone here.


  1. Heather and Bryan Pavlovic

    Welcome Tim. We’re new and learning along with you. Kudos to you for taking steps towards your learning and getting a TMM policy started. The journey to understanding TMM (IBC) is well worth it, in my opinion. Most who start wont do anything! Theres a lot to unlearn and learn, and it can be painful, and sort of lonely (meaning among your peers, like friends and family as they may be unaware or even hostile to IBC), but TMM and PMC community will be supportive and a valuable resource, of which, I wish I had starting out! My journey started nearly 8 yrs ago, and while im a long way away from having learned and achieved all that is possible, as a result, Ive learned a lot. I only wish I had started earlier!