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Long term lending opportunity’s – Want to be the bank and earn the volume of interest?

Tammy Smith

If you are seeking investment opportunities with terms ranging from 12 months to 5 years or longer, I may have suitable deals for you. I currently work with traditional, hard money, and private lenders but am looking to expand my network of private lenders to make a larger impact.

I am a seasoned buy-and-hold investor with 6 years of experience, managing properties valued between $175,000 and $1,050,000. If you are interested in first-position, long-term investments and prefer a stable investment strategy without constantly searching for new deals, we might be a great match. Additionally, if you are looking for second-position investments under 12 months, I have opportunities that could meet your criteria.

I invest in both short-term and long-term rentals, and the rates and terms are negotiable based on the property used to secure the loan. Currently, my investment focus is in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Feel free to reach out and connect before these opportunities are posted on the platform. Contact me at 931-319-3833.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Best regards,
Tammy Smith