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Looking for 750k 12% for 12 months!

Chris Domagala

Hi, my name is Chris Domagala,  I am a seasoned investor,  I am in contract for 12 units (two 6 units next to each other) in North Tonawanda NY, a suburb of western New York.  Purchase price of 950k, im putting 200k of my own money down.  Looking for 750k for about 12 months at 12% interest. Ill then refi with a bank to line up with the 12th months.  1st lien position.  I have over 70 units in North Tonawanda already.  Chris Naugle can vouch for me personally, as a owner operator and my character.  Please email me at

Thank you,


Chris Domagala


  1. Chris Domagala

    Also, if anyone is looking for a long term commitment im open to that too, 25 year amortization,  9%, with a call of your choice. Both options are guaranteed great returns.