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*New Lender* with about 25k looking to lend

Raymond Ibuos

It’s small capital, but I’m sure it could help with some part of a project. Looking for 15%.


  1. Leah Matsil

    Hi, Raymond – $25K is not small capital for a Borrower who needs a 2nd lien, either a HELOC or for their renovation budget!  I sent you a message privately with some thoughts.

  2. Chris Walsh

    Hi Raymond, 25K can be very helpful.   We have a few deals we could put that to use and give you the return you are looking for.   If you want to discuss, please text me at 440 829 7141 and lets setup a time to talk.   If we aren’t a good fit, someone on here will be.  Thanks.


  3. Keren Brown

    Hi Raymond, did you find a deal you’d like to fund? I have some creative projects going, some of which involve an additional business equity %

    as well as return. Short term, monthly payback, or more equity if interested. I’m not a broker, I’m a 25 yr brandbuilder / business owner and consultant, these are businesses I personal own.