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Short and Longer Term Funding Opportunities in the great state of Idaho of 10-12%! We have some great SFR loans available in one of the hottest markets-Boise

Dan Walters

We have multiple short and longer term loan opportunities available for SFR in the Idaho market; primarily Boise & Twin Falls area. Each area has and continues to have significant growth and demand.

Offering 10% on our mid range term (3-5 years) that is in our current rental inventory. $25,000/prop “Micro Loan” up to $150,000 (6 properties attached).

PMC SFR Loan Offering ID

Short term (12-18 months) offerings at 12% or 10% + pts. Opportunities from $200,000-325,000.  Message if interested and we will supply a funding packet with property profile.

Appreciate any and all consideration.