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Unlock the Potential: High-Yield Land Investment Opportunity in Waco, TX

Robin Seib

Find the pitch deck here: Pitch PMC

Greetings Esteemed Lenders,

I’m Robin Seib, CEO of Online Land Market LLC, inviting you to explore a unique investment opportunity in the heart of Texas. With a track record of raising over $8.5 million in capital within the past 30 months and successfully managing 250 ongoing deals, our proposition stands out in the lucrative land market.

**Opportunity Overview:**
Online Land Market LLC is spearheading an initiative to fund the acquisition and development of a pivotal 20-acre commercial property strategically located on I-35 in Waco, TX. This property, appraised at $1,750,000 and listed at $1.6 million, represents a prime investment with substantial appreciation potential.

**Investment Details:**
– **Loan Amount:** $250,000 for 12 months, with a 10-year amortization schedule.
– **Interest Rate:** Attractive 15% p.a., ensuring a lucrative return on your investment.
– **Security:** Secured by a second lien position, with a first lien of only $250,000. Total Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio under 35% with both positions combined, enhancing security.
– **Repayment:** Monthly principal and interest payments with a balloon payment at 12 months.
– **Origination Points:** 2% origination fee, directly repaid, enhancing the total yield of the investment.
– **Flexibility:** Partials available from $25,000, accommodating various levels of investment.
– **Enhanced Terms:** Option for two 6-month extensions with a 2% extension fee.

**Financial Impact:**
Investing in this property not only promises significant returns but also positions you at the forefront of a growing sector. With a projected total interest payout of $36,718.47 over the term, your investment is structured to maximize profitability within a defined time frame.

**Closing Date:**
Prompt action is required, as we aim to close by Friday, June 29, 2024. This tight timeline underscores the urgency and potential of this opportunity.

**Your Advantage:**
By partnering with Online Land Market LLC, you leverage our extensive experience and innovative AI-supported tools designed to streamline land investment processes. Our proven ability to scale efficiently, evidenced by a 25% revenue increase in 2023 while reducing staff, highlights our commitment to profitability and technological advancement.

I invite you to be a part of this promising venture. Let’s capitalize on this opportunity to turn potential into profit. Please contact me directly to discuss this further and secure your position in this limited-time offer.

Best regards,
Robin Seib, CEO
Online Land Market LLC

*This invitation is directed towards private lenders interested in secure, high-yield investment opportunities.*