Trevor Wilcox

Hey Guys! Looking for lending for a high equity flip. Need approximately 120k for 6 months and I’ll pay 13%. HUGE spread on this property. Please reach out if you are interested. [...]

Belinda Rowe

What's a bridge loan? [...]

Nick Lamagna

Looking for a bridge loan on a deal we have. I have all the details for anyone interested in info to make them feel safe on it. Need 415k up to 500k 3-6 months timetable. Bridge loan until the buyer under contract closes on the project. I own it currently the PML in place needs to free up some cash.… [...]

Chris Naugle

This is very VALUABLE to all Lenders & Borrowers: I have been using PMC for almost 2 years now and I wanted to share so great ways to maximize this community. Lending and Borrowing is about building realtionships. -Therefore, use the Connect and the member directory feature to connect with other lenders and other borrowers. -If you are a borrowerand… [...]