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Posting a Deal

Posting a Deal

PMC is a community of people who want a common platform to post their deals for funding. Here are the steps necessary to post your deal.

From your dashboard, click “Post a Deal”.

The first section is basic information about the deal.

The Title of your deal should be short but should stand out. It’s going to be one of the first things that potential borrowers will see so it’s important that it grab their attention quickly.

The Description should give additional details about the deal. These could include the rate that you usually pay, the length of time you expect the deal to take, or other relevant details that would entice a lender to lend on your deal.

Check off any relevant Features of the deal.

The Amount Needed field should have the total amount you are looking to borrow on this deal. For example, if the property is going to cost you $100k to purchase and you need an additional $20k to renovate the property, you may want to put “$120,000” in this field if you want to borrow both the purchase price and the renovation cost.

Use the Property Type field to select the type of property you are listing (single-family home, 2-4 unit apartment building, etc.)

Always leave the Listing Status field set at “Active Listing”.

When you’re finished, click the Continue button.

The second section of the deal will contain additional details about the property.

The Address field is the full address of the property. Be careful that the address you enter is correct since it will be validated against Google Maps as you type it. See this article for more information about entering addresses and the options you have (including how to enter coordinates instead of a street address.)

The Hide Map checkbox allows you to hide the map from your listing. We don’t generally recommend this as it will make it difficult for potential lenders to get a better idea of the location of your deal.

The Bedrooms and Bathrooms dropdowns allow you to select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the property.

The Year Built field shows the year the property was built.

The Building Square Footage contains the total square footage of the building. This is usually the habitable square footage of the building. For example, a property that has a basement without two exits cannot usually be included in the square footage of the property.

The Lot Square Footage field contains the total square footage of the lot. One acre is equal to 43,560 square feet.

Click Continue to proceed to the next section.

In this section, you will post any files you have for the deal.

The first box is for images. To add images, either drag and drop them onto the box or click the Select Files button. Click here for more information on best practices and troubleshooting for images. You also have the ability to add a caption to each image. To delete an image, click on the trash can in the upper right-hand corner.

The Documents box contains any additional documents you want to attach to this deal. Either drag and drop a file onto the box or click Select Files to upload them. Once the file uploads, it will display under the box.

In the financials section, you will enter financial information for this deal.

The Total Investment field contains the total amount you want to borrow.

The Estimated Repairs field contains your estimate of the total amount of repairs that the property needs.

The After Repair Value contains the value of the property if it were put on the market after renovations. You will generally get this value from a Realtor(TM) after they pull comparable sales (“comps”) for you. We recommend doing more research if you decide to get this value from a public site such as Zillow since market values on these sites are often quite different than what the property may actually sell for.

The remaining fields in this section are for additional information about the attorney or title company you plan on using for this deal. These fields are optional.

Click the Continue button to move forward.

Once you are finished entering all the applicable information for this deal, you have the ability to preview the deal.

If you find errors in the deal, use the Edit Deal button to make corrections.

If the deal is ready to post, click the Post Deal button.

Once you post your deal, you will see it in your dashboard.