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Have Money Need Deal

Mike Tartaglia

I only have 40k now to put out there. However, I am waiting for a borrower that I have previously worked with to get that money working. [...]

Chris Naugle

Are you still looking for a deal? I just had a new borrower come on Friday to tell a sweetheart of a deal is an ex pro football player been in real estate 27 years and has an unbelievable track history. He also offers a personal guarantee he’s 12 1/2% and two point upfront. [...]

Bobby Tindal

Closing on 10 properties this month, over 40 in a seller finance deal that will need cash to realize the returns. Keep an eye in PMC deals to get involved! Thx all! [...]

Mike Tartaglia

I now have 50k to get working. Hit me up on Slack or PMC. [...]

Dale Colde

*****Get Your Deals Featured**** Hi Guys, Stephen will feature a deal flow for Money Club Mondays. Requirement: YOUR DEAL SHOULD BE POSTED ON THE PMC WEBSITE. Please feel free to reach out to Stephen Nagy : [email protected] [...]