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Network With Like-Minded
Lenders and Borrowers

What happens when you combine great
ideas and the means to fund them in
one place?


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Your Investment Resource

The Private Money Club is an online community where you can network with lenders and borrowers to make it easy to find like-minded people to collaborate with and complete your goals. Whether you are looking for exciting projects to invest in, or are looking for investors to help fund and bring your own projects to life, the Private Money Club is the resource you need.

  •    Connect with potential investors
  •    Quickly find and connect with investment opportunities
  •    Work out deals with like-minded people
  •    Make your projects easy-to-find
  •    Access to the weekly “Money Club Monday” highlighting deals, lenders, borrowers, and more

Top Professionals Only.

When you join the Private Money Club, you will only be working with the best of the best. This is because joining the Private Money Club is by invitation only. All members must meet the following qualifications:

  • Attending and Completing the 3-Day Money School Essentials Training or
  • An Inner Circle Training Event and
  • Perfect Loan Proposal Training
We will then invite them to join the group.This ensures that this club is for professionals only, making for smooth, fair and successful deals.

What Our Members Say

“Just wanted to thank the both of you for setting up the Private Lending Club. I was able to close on two lending deals this week. One was with Jack Petrick and the other with Michael Kearse. Thank you for giving me the means to put my lazy money to work. The lending deals are great but the education you are providing is priceless and empowering. I am totally bummed that I can’t make it to your Mastermind in July. I will be traveling for work that week.I am sure you guys hear this all the time from your students, but I will say it anyway. Keep up the great work and keep educating us. I own 3 companies with over 300 employees but you guys have taught me more in the last 6 months than I learned running my companies for the last 20 years. ” -Gene Nguyen

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