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PMC Quick Start

Join Noah Harris every Thursday at 1p ET to dive into the world of Private Money Lending.

Money Club Monday

Join Stephen Nagy every Monday at 1p ET to talk about everything Private Money Club.

What the F*** Happened?

Tune in at 9:30a ET every Wednesday to hear Chris and Stephen have a candid talk about what’s going on with the economy, financial markets, and whatever else happens to come up.

Ask me Anything Happy Hour

Grab a cocktail of your choice and join the Money School team at 4:30p on Wednesdays for the Ask Me Anything Happy Hour.

Wealth Wednesday Webinar

Join Chris on Wednesdays at 1p ET to chat about how to build your wealth.


Money Tank

Join us November 8 & 9 in Charlotte, NC at our workshop that’s designed to show you the ropes in real estate. You’ll also have the ability to network with like minded entrepreneurs and build your network.

Topics covered include:

  • Leverage creative finance strategies
  • Key components of a good deal in the eyes of a lender
  • How to structure your deal as a borrower to have lenders jump at the opportunity to work with you
  • Opportunities to meet and shake hands with potential lenders and borrowers within the community that you can partner with
  • Advanced 2023 Tax strategies for both Real Estate and Private Lenders
  • Proven legal methods to protect your business and personal assets
  • And more!