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Money Talks. We Speak Its Language

Rooted with native experience in both borrowing & lending on real estate our mission is to provide growth opportunities for all sides of the coin.


Since start-up in 2020 our success in large part has been built on a wide base of diverse everyday individuals and hundreds of private deal postings.


We live in a rapidly changing economic climate, and one that often leaves many feeling powerless with their finances. PMC highlights a private approach to individual wealth strategies: one that is decentralized, and 100% self-powered. Our platform empowers its members to take complete authority and control over their business decisions and encourages them to focus it on deals they believe in.


The team at PMC has a combined 50+ years of experience in the real estate and private lending space. Founder and CEO, Chris Naugle, has served 20+ years in the leadership role of over 24 businesses before starting the company. We have built a team and a network dedicated to ventures, community growth, and best practices.