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This is a deal that I negotiated with the bank directly.
Bank will accept 28k
ARV 105-125k
Plenty of room for you to make money
I have pivoted and now negotiating directly with banks for small finders fees. Text or call me for info. My negotiations are in all 50 states.
Maureen 516 885-1362

8 unit building with majority of the units renovated and leased out. Currently cap rate is at 10%. We are looking for an equity partner that would be able to bring in $350,000 and in return would gain large percent ownership. We have already purchased the building and would close this partnership at a title company under a new LLC. There are multiple 8 unit buildings next door that I would like to start targeting to put all of them under one portfolio. We are looking for a long-term partnership that will allow us to collaborate and see continued growth year over year.

1938 Telegraph Rd, Honey Brook, PA 19344

ARV: $238k

Market Rent: $1,789/mo

OFV: $280k

Insurance: $160/mo

Taxes: $3,045/yr

Principal/Interest: $2,175/mo

Down Payment: $9k

Loan Amount: $202.4k

Work with an experienced commercial developer. Property is an hour outside Boston MA in Manchester NH, adaptive reuse to convert an old office building into 29 residential units. Light construction project. Your 1st position will be satisfied with the construction loan with our local bank (we have a pre-commitment from them – about 90 days out)

Time is of the essence. This property won’t last long. This property is In Edmonds WA. Seeking short term financing for 5 months maximum term. Requested total amount includes light remodel and addition of a bathroom. This project will be completed in 60 days and sold within 90. Disbursement of all funds are required on execution of the funding ad there is no need for extensive draw schedules. This is an equity split of the profits. You will get 25% of the net profit estimated at $54,000. Contact Ken Ramberg at 360 410 4634. Ramcorp

We have closed on this beauty in Cayce, SC. Rehabbing this 3 bedroom 1 bath home very near downtown Columbia. There are a few homes nearby owned by my associate that rents very well for Short Term Rentals, so this will be our focus. This Brick home will receive all updates including exterior paint, kitchen/bath upgrades and hardwood floor refinishing. We will upgrade electrical and plumbing to offer brand new finishes with LED lighting, upgraded outlets for phone charging, and more. This offer is for funding the rehab. The total purchase price is 122,000 but we were able to use Hard Money for 90% of purchase. This leaves 60,000 needed to rehab. I will pay 12% APR to my investor for each month of the loan. Timeframe is estimated at 6 months. Who wants CASHFLOW beyond the rehab? I can entertain keeping you invested for equity ownership at the end so we can do this over and over with likewise properties! Send me a text: 803-830-5515 for faster response.

This property, located in Bow, Washington, just south of Bellingham, is a charming place to rest and get back to nature. It’s a large single family home with a addition used for short term rental. The property has been having guests and renters for years, but the owners never took it for more than a part time income. It was listed this summer and I put down an earnest money and put it under contract. When we were about to close we discovered that the realtors were trying to get 10% commissions. We put a stop to the deal and decided to fire the real estate agents involved. So we decided to go into business as partners until I cash them out. Because of the delays the time stretched things out and affected the sale. We formed an LLC and we currently have an approved 70% first. It still has some conditions left and it’s taken too long. The property’s value is $1,800,000. At 85% LTV the loan would pay them off. Our agreed sales price was 1,400,000 andthats what they should walknaway with the additional $130,000 will be used for improvements updates and equipment to make the home more appealing. The current business plan has a cap rate of 34%. Ive completed negotiations to have it leased from 1/30 until 7/31. The monthly rental is approximately $27,000. This loan is guaranteed self funded. And with a successful business plan and all payments made on time then a refinancing will not be a issue.

Most desirable 3bd/1ba in target market situated across the street from one of Tulsa’s elite, highly competitive private schools, these are the single family homes investors and agents are racing to get their hands on!
Licensed and long-standing restoration contractor, expert market area agent and proven title company lined up and ready for a fast flip with exciting profit projection.

The amount is $250,000. I have two lenders that will put up $66,000 combined so I am now offering a pooled investment with. I have to get these funds to S2A urgently. I will pay 18% fee to each lender within 4 months. I have funds that will be available from a commercial credit funding, but that is not immediate enough. The purpose is to secure a agreement for a distribution arrangement with s2a modular.  The collateral is a $220,000 stake in the ownership of part of s2a modular. .  S2a is a full functioning company with thousands of orders in commitments.  This company is impressive.  The management team is exceptional.  A loan with this as collatetal is a solid deal. 

If there are lenders who are interested in a home for their own personal purchase I can accommodate that with a 5% discount.  For those who are interested in units for their own development projects I will provide those as well.  If enough lenders provide the full financing I will make these homes available to the members of this platform.

There are many arrangements I am willing to engage in.  I welcome  joint venture arrangements that will partner with me to build my planned development projects as well.

S2a modular is the future of construction.  Given their built times of 4 to 6 months, 2 day on site installations, net positive energy production and very competitive pricing this company has a significant advantage over existing and new site built construction.  There are not many times you can get in on the ground floor of a majorly successful company. S2a modular has thousands of orders already.  Their product is superior to the competition.  Their management team is exceptional and they have a proven business plan.  The lender who provides  this financing is  assured that they can have confidence in s2a modular and Ramcorp.

This smart home is the pinnacle of high tech engineering that is the product unlocking solutions that affect us on multiple levels. It’s Elemental!
FIRE – With net positive energy creation using the strongest material on the planet, graphine. Storage of power from the sun is stored in the Tesla power wall, a brand known for innovation and quality. WATER – The home creates water from thin air, up to 77 litres a day and doubles that amount by using it twice when it uses uv light to use the water from your sink back to flush your toilet. AIR – clean air is actually harder to find indoors than you might think. Ducting from traditional HVAC systems is the source of a multitude of allergens , pathogens and polutants. With our split duct system there is no ducting. Each room has its own temperature control which gives you customized comfort, saves you power, and the heat pump technology is highly efficient compared to other heating and cooling technology. This home is designed so brilliantly that it pulls co2 out of the air.
EARTH -Built with organic building materials, that incorporate that co2 into its organic structure, sequestering it while making the home stronger over time. With renewable materials for insulation the is better for the environment. And because the homes are constructed out of the elements the walls never get wet like site built homes, eliminating the concern for mold and mildew living inside your walls.
Most important is the final element, LIFE. Once you begin living in this elegant modern home you will have the control over your home with the sound of your voice. With LIFI technology there is no radio frequencies. They are unhackable to would-be thieves and criminals. Your safety and security allow you to live without fear of illegal entry. You can set the lighting to any schedule, color temperature, or brightness. The walls are embedded with CAT6 cables that distribute low voltage power to the LED lightning system throughout the entire home, saving a huge amount of energy that most homes waste. When you conserve your power like this you don’t waste as much. Another reason you will love this home is you can choose from over 34 designs which are stunning, with ranges in square footage starting at 800 all the way up to 4200+. And if that is not enough, they are fully customizable to whatever you want. You can even design your own home exactly how you want it.
Now then, you’re thinking this dream home of the future must cost a pretty penny, but you would be mistaken. Most plans range from $199 to $225 per sq foot, which is very competitive compared to existing site-built homes, and you get a brand new home. Fresh and ready just for you, the way you want it.
Now I don’t know about you,….
Well let me ask you, Isn’t this the kind of home you want to live in? It has all the elements combined to make it your perfect home, while saving the average household 10 to 25% of their monthly expenses because of all the wonderful features. WELCOME SMARTHOME!

You are going to love it!

P.S. it takes 5 to 6 months to build and 2 days to install on where ever you want to live. Most homes take 9 to 24 months to complete. Impressive!

This is a description of the homes that will be available to the investor, lender or developer that will lend me the funds for the distribution agreement needed to secure a my partnership with the manufacturer. Discuss with me the potential for return in the multiples, not percentages.

Photos coming soon. This is a Refinance. This property needs ZERO repairs and is move in ready. Our plan for this property, like most you’ve seen, is to hold for 2 years as a Lease Purchase to our backend Tenant Buyer. We give them the keys to lease for two years, and it is their responsibility to secure financing for the property at the end of the term to cash us (and YOU) out of the deal. With an investment of $175,000 you’ll receive interest only payments of $1,458/mo for 24 months. If you’re interested thus far, text “Choctaw” to 334-306-2502 and my team will tell you how to make an additional 4% interest!