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πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° Does anyone ever need money for their EMD?🫰🫰🫰

Michelle & Vin / Texas / 210-940-0112

How often are you looking for SHORT TERM lending to secure a property? Have you had a difficult time in the past locating funds for an EMD.

Did you ever lose a deal because you could not find the cash?

How would things have turned out differently if you were able to find a lender that would be able to fund smaller opportunities at a higher rate and be able to fund in 24-48 hours?

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  1. Jennifer Purtill

    Great post, Michelle! Are you posting this because you are able to lend for deposits? Either way, great conversation starter! I am in that situation now where I plan to post a lending opp for the 25% down on a STR propriety I am purchasing, the full purchase price proved to be too great for a single, first lien position so we are working on a DSCR commercial loan, supporting the update budget on our own, but will seek a PML for the down payment and closing costs. πŸ™‚ Jennifer