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🔥 Portfolio Equity, High ROI, Joint Ventures, Limited Partnerships, Loans

Bobby Tindal

Hey PMC family!  We have enjoyed building wealth with our lenders and partnerships from PMC.  2024 Goals!!  I am searching for lenders and/or limited partners and JVer’s to bring additional capital in to our fix/flip/rental division.  We are selling equity/ownership in a few of our cash flowing single family homes.  You or your SDIRA entity can own a percentage of each property that pays you anywhere between 10-16% APR year over year secured by a hard asset!  My team will provide you with a detailed analysis of the potential return you could receive along with a value upside from appreciation.

If you want to park some capital short term we offer our lenders lien positions and high returns while we renovate and stabilize these assets.  These loans are 2-12 month loans with promissory note, personal guarantee, security and listed as additional insured on the property!  We have paid over $180,000 in interest to our lenders in 2023 and are looking to double that in 2024!

I am raising over $600,000 in equity sales and $500,000 in lender capital in the next 6 months to complete some projects and purchase more!  Email me: for more information!

Visit: to see what we are all about


  1. Michelle Murtha

    Hey Bobby! That’s an interesting business model you have there. So you basically look for capital partners to fund the purchase of a distressed rehab, then you keep the property long-term, they get 40% equity and you guys get 60%? Is that basically the business model?

  2. Bobby Tindal

    The equity can be different from property to property, but in a nutshell yes.  We have had lot’s of great lenders from PMC over the past couple of years and this is a way to continue working with those relationships and sharing in the wealth building strategy!  We can go fast alone but we want to go farther together!  We take lenders or partners along this journey.