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🫰🫰🫰Are you a borrower or a lender?💰💰💰

Michelle & Vin / Texas / 210-940-2475

How quickly are you in need/what’s your time frame for this?


  1. Eric Prescott

    Hello. To anyone who is listening: I’m a borrower.

    I have a SFH that just went under contract ($130 purchase = $25k rehab). Gotta find time to put together all the details, but we close 4/28, so if you’re interested in learning more, please reach out. I’ll get the deal up here and on the deals page ASAP if we aren’t funded before I can get to it.

    • Eric Prescott

      Note that this one is a pretty straightforward project. I’m looking to offer 11% with 2 points at closing if paying interest-only payments over the term, or 12% for deferred payments, with 3 points at deal exit.

  2. Boutique Senior Living Fund (506C)

    I’m both a borrower and a lender, although currently I’m borrowing. I run a real estate fund that invests in real estate and gives passive income opportunities in the senior living asset class for accredited investors. When I lend, I lend to operators of 10-20 bed assisted living in real estate only.

  3. Tou Bee Yang

    Hi Everyone!  I’m a lender and I’m grateful to have joined PMC recently.  Definitely looking forward to the opportunities this will bring, not only with deals but with the networking and relationships I plan on building.

  4. avantrn

    Hi everyone, I’m new to PMC and real estate investing in general. I am a lender and starting out small. looking for investing oppurtunities to partner with someone on a deal.

  5. Justin Abee


    I am a “borrower” in that I am an investor relations specialist for multifamily syndications where we raise capital from passive investors who want to be on the equity side of investments for cash flow, forced appreciation and cost segregation/bonus depreciation tax benefits to offset their active income.

    Multifamily Investments – PASSIVE investments w/ double digit returns and HUGE Tax Benefits

    I also borrow to buy cash-flowing businesses of $1-5m in valuation that have been in business for more than 10 years to mitigate risk of business failure.  We then take those businesses and push to increase growth and revenue, by improving systems and processes to reduce cost, bring businesses into the modern era of automation, add subscription services, improve current sales/marketing, and bolt-on or roll-up other businesses that can cross-sell and drive the valuation into the $10m range where more institutional buyers are interested for our exit.

    I also lend for Single and Multifamily Ernest Money Deposits, double closes, and other short-term transactional lending.

  6. MisoTacoz

    I’m new to this but I invest also I use mainvest I found before. Then I found this and I’m a borrower and a lender. Let’s actually make not only America a better place; the world a better place, for wages and benefits to every one and healthy lifestyle for every one who wants it.

  7. Nizan

    Hello ALL!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I am an owner operator of multifamily/student housing.

    My team and I are raising money for our projects and are looking for accredited investors.

    If you would like to earn class C returns on a class A property, lets talk.


    PP- $21,500,000

    C.OC..- 8% avg/year over 5 years

    IRR- 18%


    for ex. $100,000 investment equates to $115,000 ROI.

    this is a legacy property.

    Invest before year end and enjoy:





    for more info text me at 561 212 7247 and mention pmc

    or email-