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10+ Years & 100% Track Record working with Private Lenders – New Deal

Noah Harris

Looking for a simple lending opportunity with lots of equity? This is loan opportunity of $113,000 secured by real estate worth $175,000. This is a very simple deal.  We are purchasing 2 neighboring parcels from 2 separate sellers.  At closing we are combining the parcels into 1.  Then listing for resale on the MLS.

For a quick video presentation of this deal visit this website. I have this lending opportunity featured at the very top.

We provide a mortgage, promissory note, the lender listed on the insurance as the loss payee, a personal guarantee and a Lender’s Title Policy.  We pride ourselves on communication before, during, and after your loan is funded.  Message me to start the conversation. My deals get funded fast!

We have a 100% track record with or private lenders.

Feel free to email me at