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20% Return on 100k, 6 mo term 2nd lien/pos

Keren Brown

Hi All, I’m offering a 20% return on 100-200k, 6-12 mo term, 2nd position lien on my primary res.  I have a current appraisal of 800k in hand,  (have 585k equity) near Boise Idaho.

Use of funds : finalize renovations on this so it’s STR ready, consolidate higher interest debt to raise my own FICO (so I qualify for more investments!)

Exit: refinance conventional or DSCR in 6-12 mo, valuation will be higher after renovations .

I work with a great commercial GC and have 25 yrs business, hospitality, construction, experience, and build  direct-sales sites for STR owners /portfolio holders.
Pm me , terms negotiable, thanks for your time, and being such a great group!