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2nd Position Available

Bobby Tindal

Scurry Lane Deal needs new lenders!  We have completed rehab on this beautiful country home and now waiting on the buyers to finish a few things on their credit that may take 4 months.  If it goes over 4 months, we will refinance the home and lease option it to them.

ARV: 387K backed by a recent appraisal

0 repairs, we are done, we did 175K in repairs!

1st Position: 280K currently offering 12% APR plus 2 points to this lender

or we can break it up to offer:

1st Position: 200K @ 12% APR plus 2 points

2nd Position: 80K Needing to replace due to timeline : Offering: 15% APR 3 points on a 6 month loan to get this across the finish line for my buyers or refinance