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Commercial business seeking financing for a new project

Claudio Garcia


I own a technology business, and we have a client who is getting set up with our services, a new local bar. We seek better customer rates and would instead share profits and build within this community.

The ask is to fund a 5-year contract with a total value of $206,340.60  for the amount of $181,579.72 (Signed contract in hand, with EIN and SSN as a PG)

Your monthly payment would be $3,439.01 for 60 months, which ensures 12% interest for funding this term/contract.

Use of funds

-Full set up for technology, security cameras, phones, TV’s , Wiring , Firewall, Wireless access points, A full list will be provided once we engage further in the conversation.

My business

We would finance this in house however we have other large orders to share and are in a capital raising (bridge round seeking 10m) you can visit that

for more information about me and Ohiya Networks .