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Embarking on a New Chapter😊 Ready to Fuel Fix-and-Flip Magic with some Capital Investment!

Rick Wilson

Hey Private Money Club crew! I’m Rick and excited as I step into a new adventure in the real estate game. With 24 years in finance, including a decade as a loan officer and sweet sixteen in dealership finance, I’m bringing a mix of experience and eagerness to this journey.

Located in Wilmington, NC this place is my anchor, and now I’m ready to shore some capital into the fix-and-flip magic happening here at PMC! Let’s chat. Hopefully together, we can capitalize on this new venture! 💰🏡


  1. Rick Wilson

    Thanks Gold, I’m actively looking for deals to bring to the table. As well as having the ability to fund the deals if the right one presents itself. I like the short term. Bridge the gap for the acquisition or rehab before refinance. I’m also open to collaborations and JV’s.