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Just posted a 1st Lien Note in TX with a 12.66% Return

Rick Rumer

We originate notes all across TX and Arkansas for truly *passive* income. We buy the pizza and sell by the slice, so we buy hundreds of acres at once and subdivide them into 10ish acre oversized lots for buyers to purchase and build out at their pace.  This one is in Reagan, TX just outside of Waco.  The note is a 20 year note with an interest rate of 11% but we’re letting it go at 90 cents on the dollar.  This is your opportunity to do your due diligence one time and keep your money invested for years and years instead of chasing shorter deals every 6 months.  We have several of these that we can talk with you about ranging from about $50k to over $250k and we can sell a partial note for as little as $20k.  Call me, let’s talk! 817.845.6764 or