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Mobile Home, Money Tank? We invest in Mobile Homes…

Noah Harris

What’s up PMC!  Yesterday my wife, Christy Duckett-Harris gave a great presentation on Chris’s Wealth Webinar.   People seemed excited to learn more about how to invest in mobile and manufactured homes (and mobile home parks) Christy will be teaching on this topic at the MONEY TANK Aug 4-5 in Raleigh.  

She’s been investing in this asset class for awhile now.  From Mobile Home Parks, individual units in other people’s parks, and manufactured homes on land.  Single family homes will always be our focus but the Mobile Home Opportunities are sometimes too good to pass up.  It’s a great way to diversify and the need for affordable housing is on the rise.

For a lot of people this is a great way to get started as a real estate investor AND a lender. 

She’s customizing her MONEY TANK TALK to answer YOUR QUESTIONS about investing and lending on mobile homes and mobile home parks.

If you have a question, are curious, want to learn more…Post a comment or question below.