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Monthly Mailbox Money! Awesome Long Term Lending Opportunity.

Jay Anderson

Passive Income, Mailbox Money.

Check out the deal I just posted here on the PMC platform.

7 unit apartment complex built in 1980, consisting of a 4-unit, and 3-unit building, in the nicest part of town. Hi, my name is Jay Anderson. I have 26 years of owning, renovating, and renting in this small college town in Montana. So that I’m not repeating myself, you can learn more about me in my bio. I believe this property, once renovated will generate great cash flow. Besides myself, I have a great team of professionals in the trades, and management arena’s to get this project completed in a timely fashion. Please click on the documents tab to see the numbers.

To learn more about me and my projects, please reach out to:

Thanks for your interest!