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Private Money Lenders: Lucrative Investment Opportunity!

Maddison Duggan

Looking for a smart investment that guarantees high returns? Look no further! We have an exclusive opportunity for private money lenders to invest in a portfolio of light lipstick rehab homes. With an entry point of $500,000 – $10 million, this deal presents a fantastic chance to grow your wealth. This may be considered excessive. However, it’s important to note that for the $500,000 deals. You can lend in amounts as low as $50,000. This is because the collateral used are individual properties and so the loan will be attached to one property that covers the $50,000 and interest.


The borrower behind this venture is already a seasoned property owner. They boast a reputable construction company that specializes in rehabilitating homes, ensuring quality workmanship throughout the process. As a private money lender, your funds will be tied to the number of homes requiring rehab, securing your investment along with the agreed-upon interest.


But that’s not all! Each property holds substantial equity ranging from $60,000 to $100,000+, allowing you to tap into significant value appreciation. And with a flat fee rate of return of 15% due at the end of the four-month term, you can expect a handsome profit.


Rest assured, the entire transaction will be handled by a trusted title attorney in Florida, who will prepare the necessary documents, including a promissory note and deed of trust. These legal safeguards will be attached to the properties, ensuring the security of your investment.


To further put your mind at ease, we can provide you with references for the borrower, including their social profiles and LLC documents, substantiating the credibility of their company. We also have a comprehensive spreadsheet showcasing the properties in need of light lipstick rehab.


It’s important to note that this opportunity goes beyond just flipping houses. Our strategy is to boost cash flow by revitalizing these homes, rather than selling them immediately. By increasing the capitalization rate and net operating income (NOI), we generate sustainable monthly cash flow for all parties involved.


Rest assured, these properties are not tear-downs or highly intensive projects. They require minimal rehab work, focusing on light lipstick renovations, making them a low-risk investment.


Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to make your money work for you! Private money lenders who seize this opportunity will enjoy attractive returns and the satisfaction of contributing to the revitalization of these properties. Contact us today to explore this lucrative investment opportunity!