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ROI Townhouse Project. 12% Interest over 12 Months

Brandon Beckinghausen

We are looking for lenders to fund ROI Property Group for the building of 100 Townhome Units in Columbus Creek Georgia with a combination of 3bd / 2.5bth and 4bd / 2.5bth townhomes with the strategy of Build-for-Rent.

ROI Property Groups approach to Real Estate is to choose the right markets that have exploded in growth and yielded great returns while giving investors the returns they are looking for without taking on additional risk. ROI Property Group successfully achieves this by providing investors a healthy return of 12% annual interest with payments paid monthly, while offering First Lien Position over a 12-month Term, along with a Personal Guarantee.

ROI does not overleverage the property and contributes 15% of their own Capital First before raising any funds to complete the Development Project. ROI is contributing $3,996,549 of their own capital while looking to raise a total of $22,646,914 in total for the entire project.

If you are interested in learning more about this project please reach out to or message him here. ROI is looking for investors starting at $100,000 or more per investor.

Since each loan is place d directly on a Mortgage and Promissory Note in first lien position, we able accept large and small investors, starting at $100,000+.