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Seeking $375,000 @ 12% Annually Interest Only Payments

Stephen Waddy-Bey

Hello! I am seeking a lender willing to lend $375,000 for a 12 month term.  I am willing to pay 12% interest annually with a monthly interest payment of $3,750.  I DO NOT NEED THE FUNDS ALL AT ONE TIME.  I am scaling my fix and flip business and I will be using the fund as I buy to help with acquisition cost.  As I purchase a new property I will request the necessary funds needed and it will be wired to the title company.  The funds will be secured by a 2ND POSITION note against the real estate along with a personal guarantee from me.  The interest only payment will be made each month of the full amount of the loan not on what I have actually borrowed which makes this a really good opportunity for someone. For further information about this deal please contact Stephen Waddy-Bey via email at or you can call or text me at (804) 519-5027.