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Special opportunity for a short term lender

Marquis Cobb

I have a special lending opportunity for someone interested in some short term lending. Recently I joined DealEstate.AI and Infinite capital in their DealEstate Accelerator Program (DEAP). This program is designed to put people hand selected by the board of directors General Partners(GPs) on the fast tracking to closing commercial multifamily deal. The board members only chose 50 new GPs this year so I was very fortunate to be selected.

You can learn about how DealEstate uses the benefits of AI for apartment syndication here:

One of the requirements for the onboarding for the new GPs is a deposit of $65,500.00 which will be put into their first deal which usually comes within the first 6 months.

Where do you come in?

I am looking for a short term lender looking to fund the $65,500 for me as a new GP. How I would like to structure it as a $65500 loan at 6% over 2 years with the first 12 months being interest only payments with a balloon payment in full after 24 months with no pre-payment penalty. My plan to repay funds is to use the acquisition fee I obtain on my first deal. If you are unfamiliar with the syndication process the GP side of the deal receives an acquisition fee of roughly 2-3% of purchase price from investors once the deal is closed.

If you are looking for different terms we can talk about adjusting them to see what will work best for both of us.