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Successful Florida RE Investor Pays 12%


Looking for investors to help expand our small flipping business in Jacksonville FL.

We have the crews and the knowledge to buy right and sell profitably.

We come across many deals that you can help us fund and make profit.

We offer first lien position, 2nd insured, and promissory note.

We will send over deal analysis and scope of work on every property.

We have multiple exit strategies to insure that the loan will be paid back on time.

One of our current flips:

2315 Water Bluff dr

This property was bought for $153,000

We expect to rehab this property for $57,400

The ARV will be between $330,000-$340,000

Last week the neighbors posted his house on the MLS for $280,000 and it needs a full remodel.

This neighborhood is very quiet and a desirable area to live in.

I had a neighbor leave me his  contact information this week wanting to buy the property at its current state.

This is just one of many deals you can help me fund!

Looking forward to meeting you!