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Want “Set-it-and-forget-it” cashflow? Seeking 60k-190k backed by cashflowing Airbnb’s! 15%+ for 36 months +/-

Jesse L Mills

Hey everyone! I’ve got a portfolio of Airbnb’s that I’m looking to use as collateral for either 1 loan of roughly $190,000 OR would break up into 3 separate smaller loans with a minimum of 65k each. These would all be in a 2nd lien position on an established and cash flowing short-term rental property. I’m offering a 15% return and looking for a longer term loan (36-48 months ideally but open to discussion on terms).

This is for you if you don’t want to continually be seeking new opportunities and want your money working for you non-stop for the next few years or so! (and I’m throwing in some FREE vacation stays as well lol) 🙂

Feel free to take a peek at some of my places online at

Please email me at or call/text at 651-274-6171. Look forward to connecting!