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Interview Bobby Tindal
interview with pmc borrower bobby tindal

Interview Bobby Tindal

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Are you tired of working hard but not seeing substantial growth in your personal wealth?

Real estate entrepreneur Bobby Tindal spent much of his life working diligently in the medical profession, and although he’s still working arduously, he’s now seeing significant growth in his wealth through real estate and his company, REITactical.

Even though Bobby was already expanding his network of private money lenders to finance his company’s needs, he’s finding even more opportunities through Private Money Club. He now has access to a proliferating community of private money borrowers and lenders. 

Bobby’s story of working tirelessly to become a successful business owner is truly an inspiration. He broke away from his stressful career and found something more lucrative and fulfilling, and we can all learn tremendous lessons and practical tips from his journey. 

Bobby Tindal’s Journey into Real Estate 

Bobby began his professional career serving in the United States Army and went on to become a medical practitioner. He worked as a clinician for 30 years, and in addition to his primary work, he started a private practice. Bobby got the taste of being his own boss through his private practice, and the business had so much success that he exited his primary employment to focus on his practice. 

“I had basically built a little bit of a following with the community doctors and the physical therapists. I was doing so well that I could quit my job and work [on the private practice] full-time. I loved being my own boss, and as I was going down that journey, I actually had nine employees. I was working for my business, and I was busting my tail and … working really late hours at night.” – Bobby Tindal

Although Bobby’s private practice grew and thrived, he found that running the business was overwhelmingly stressful and was taking a toll on his health. 

“I couldn’t sleep at night. I had to deal with payroll taxes. I had to deal with the vendors, … the insurance companies, and … all the management of the employees. All that was on my shoulders.” – Bobby Tindal

After ten years of growing the business, Bobby sold it to a national chain and began working as a clinic manager within the company, where he learned a great deal about leading and managing others. Even though he valued the experience, he knew that it wasn’t right for him:

“As I was going down that journey, I actually decided that this just wasn’t for me. I wanted to control my own money. I wanted to not just put it in a 401(k) and just let it sit there. I wanted to basically put it into something that I could see, touch, and enhance.” – Bobby Tindal

Bobby realized that he didn’t want to do the traditional career and 401(k) savings route. To build a new life, he began self-educating in real estate strategies.

Real Estate Self-Education 

Although Bobby didn’t start educating himself in real estate until around 2017, his entrepreneurial education began at a much younger age. He had incredibly unique experiences as a child that empowered him to be a natural salesperson and helped him start his real estate business:

“My dad was a boat builder traveling around the country, [so I was] going to boat shows [and] talking to people when I was like 12 and 13. Sales [were] part of that, but I didn’t know [at the time] that [it] was my superpower.” – Bobby Tindal

Bobby’s early experiences and proficiency in sales helped him get started, and he also worked diligently to educate himself to learn the ins and outs of the real estate process. He devoured books, podcasts, and webinars all about real estate as he continued working as a clinic manager. Some of his favorite authors include Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Tom Wheelwright, author of Tax-Free Wealth

Although Bobby began self-educating around 2017, it took him a few years longer to start because he didn’t yet know the optimal processes for finding and closing real estate deals. Bobby observed that finding the right processes is the key to growth: 

“Processes and flow [are] super important because I feel like if you can duplicate the process, no matter what it is across any kind of spectrum, you’re gonna get to … a success ratio. … We have a saying in the military called ‘dress right, dress.’ Things have an order. When you do ‘dress right, dress,’ there’s a specific line that everyone has to follow. And if everything is completely repeatable, then you have better success for a better outcome.” – Bobby Tindal

Bobby continued his self-education journey and began networking to expand his knowledge. He joined various real estate groups and meetups to connect with others and learn from them. Additionally, he started using the lead generator and CRM software, and an edifying coaching program. 

After learning a great deal about the investing world, he took the plunge into real estate in 2020 with his company REITactical. 

Bobby had tremendous success and closed four wholesale deals in his first year. He soon realized that he could build more wealth by making the full transition into investing. 

“I gave my 30-day notice at the clinic I was working at because I knew if I could dedicate more time to wholesaling, I could make plenty of money just doing that alone. But it also [gave] me the vehicle to find really great leads [and] really good source properties at discounts.” – Bobby Tindal 

Shortly after taking the plunge into real estate, Bobby began working with his first private money lender. Together, they flipped eight properties in 2021. Since then, he’s greatly expanded his real estate business and recruited a reliable team. 

Building Your Real Estate Team

Bobby had much success working with his private money partner, but he knew that he needed to expand his operation to enhance his business. 

“I knew [I] had to start scaling because I can’t do it all [by] myself. So I started building my team around me, and not just the attorneys, insurance agents, appraisers, inspectors, [and] all that. … I started building out beyond that with local meetups.” – Bobby Tindal

Bobby has found that there are plenty of eager professionals wanting to get into the wide world of real estate but unsure where to start.

“I’m finding a lot of people that want to do what I’m doing, but they’re not sure how to do it. They’re right in the same position I was [in] a few years ago. … [I] actually have kind of a buy-in to be part of REITactical, and as part of that buy-in, they actually get the coaching … [and] mentorship. … [Plus], they get all the back office support that we offer.” – Bobby Tindal

In addition to growing his real estate business, Bobby is also helping others get involved through his mentoring. The company offers real-world coaching that empowers beginners and helps them learn how to solve common issues with properties. For example, when there’s a problem with a septic system on one of their properties, he brings the entire team in order for them to learn. 

“We have an opportunity when someone has a septic issue. We hire the septic company to come out to fix it, [and] we also bring the whole team there, … and basically, it’s like a lunch-and-learn. They get to ask questions, [and] we get to find out about costs. [They] get to understand how to inspect it before [they] buy.” – Bobby Tindal

With REITactical’s real-world coaching and mentorship, it’s no surprise that Bobby’s business has recruited 20 dedicated employees. 

Growing Through Private Money Club

Bobby has certainly done an exceptional job getting into real estate and growing his firm, and he’s now growing even more through Private Money Club. He initially heard about the club through Noah Harris, Christie Duckett, and Stephen Nagy.

“Noah Harris and Christie Duckett put on an event in Columbia called the Re-Up Meetup. Phenomenal. Just mind-blowing the way they put that together. [My wife and I] went to the event, [and] we got a lot [of] information. That’s where we met Stephen Nagy. … That’s kind of how it all started. He talked about … Private Money Club.” – Bobby Tindal

Bobby immediately took to the idea of Private Money Club because it’s an easy way for borrowers to find private money lenders. 

“When I first saw that [with] Private Money Club, [you] pay for this membership and you get access to all these people that wanna lend you money, I’m like, ‘Heck yeah.’ That [costs basically] nothing. I mean, you get that return right away.” – Bobby Tindal

With Private Money Club’s expanding community of borrowers and lenders, Bobby is finding even more growth opportunities. He’s even now connected with a private money lender based out of Idaho who’s interested in joining REITactical. 

“He was wanting to put [some money] to work. … We ended up connecting. … He was trying to get some money together to do … some private lending. … So I’m like, ‘You know what? I know we can help each other.’” – Bobby Tindal

Even though the private money lender is based out of Idaho and Bobby is in South Carolina, the pair connected and are now planning to collaborate. 

“I said, ‘You could be doing wholesale deals in Idaho.’ … I just gotta figure it out [and] put him [on] a team [and] teach him how to do all this stuff. And then we [can] build that relationship.” – Bobby Tindal

Bobby would never have connected with that lender without Private Money Club, and now, he has the chance to expand his operation into Idaho. 

Why Trust Is Critical for Investing

One of the main reasons why borrowers and lenders are having great results with Private Money Club is because it’s a platform that enables them to form long-lasting professional relationships built on trust and communication. 

Bobby noted that building trust is vital when it comes to getting started with real estate. 

“If I had no deals and wanted to get into real estate and I wanted to find a private money partner, … [I would need to] build the relationship and the belief in the ability for you to do exactly what you’re saying you’re gonna do. … You have to connect with people and build that trust.” – Bobby Tindal

When you build trust and formulate professional relationships with lenders, you can strike other deals with them in the future, making it all the easier to find funding for real estate opportunities.  

Bobby stressed that after making a deal with a lender, it’s absolutely critical to prioritize returning the lender’s money over everything else. 

“Never ever not pay a lender. … Always have the strategy that they get paid first. … If the profit goes away and you [have] a different strategy, communicate.” – Bobby Tindal

Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, and that includes relationships between private money lenders and borrowers. In the event that something goes wrong with a deal, it’s vital to communicate the problem and potential solutions.  

For example, if the market changes and a fix and flip is no longer as profitable, you can communicate with your lender to see if they’re okay with making money off renting the property while you wait for the market to shift. 

There’s no guarantee that your lender will agree to this suggestion, but when you build a solid professional relationship, they’re more likely to trust your judgment and agree to the new strategy. 

Discover More Insights About Real Estate Strategies with Private Money Club

Bobby Tindal’s journey in growing his real estate company serves as an inspiring reminder of what people can accomplish with tremendous hard work, and he’s now growing his company even more with the help of Private Money Club. 

In addition to offering a great network that’s growing daily, Private Money Club also offers exceptional educational resources for becoming a private money borrower or lender. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Private Money Club can help you become a better business partner,  visit the PMC website today