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Interview David and Dorothy Shearer
David and Dorothy Shearer pmc interview

Interview David and Dorothy Shearer

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Are you curious about private lending but unsure if you have the right background to succeed?

From the outside looking in, the world of private lending and borrowing, building real estate deals, and securing your financial future through infinite banking concepts seems intimidating. The thought of handling all of your finances alone can be enough to overwhelm some.

However, the reward for facing those fears and boldly pursuing private lending opportunities can be gratifying. David and Dorothy Shearer are a testament to the fact that, with enough determination and knowledge, anyone can enter the world of private lending and experience success.

Keep reading to learn about their inspiring story and how you, too, can venture into private lending as part of the Private Money Club community!

Who Are David and Dorothy Shearer?

Both David and Dorothy are long-time healthcare professionals with a drive to improve the lives of others. 

David is a physician who spent four years at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio, then transitioned to the pharmaceutical industry, where he worked for about 20 years. Dorothy began her medical career as a full-trained nurse at 17, started studying for her doctorate, and taught at 13 major universities around the country. Additionally, she’s participated in quality and peer reviews for surgeons and holistic medicine. 

Even though they were achieving great things, medical school was expensive, and the resulting student loans left David and Dorothy with liens on education that were more than their mortgage. 

“Going to med school, as you know, is really expensive… 9.75% daily accrued interest, [which] actually exceeded our mortgage. We had that almost our whole married life, and we finally paid it off  in 2016, the old-fashioned way.” – Dorothy Shearer

David and Dorothy’s discipline and determination to live within their means deterred them from spending money on the rather extravagant things, but they were happy to have a home and make ends meet on their terms. However, they recently decided to find new ways to maximize their finances and make their hard-earned money work for them.

The Shearer’s Introduction to the Exciting World of Private Lending

David and Dorothy’s interest in departing from traditional retirement savings methods was piqued when Dorothy stumbled upon the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki in February of 2022. 

She found the book intriguing and started sharing its knowledge with David. In turn, David became inspired by the idea of making money from the concepts presented in the book. With their newfound interest in real estate, they both started looking for opportunities online and discovered the Money Multiplier, an idea that fascinated them. 

“Dorothy is like, ‘Yeah, I’m reading this book by Robert Kiyosaki, and it’s really interesting. Here’s what I’m learning.’ So I’m sitting back going, ‘All right, how do we make money off of this? … The bottom line is we don’t have time to do that right now.’ I started going online and exploring things, and I came across the Money Multiplier. … We had to review videos and whatnot on the Money Multiplier about 14 times [because it was unbelievable.].” – David Shearer

David continued digging into infinite banking and eventually found more of Chris Naugle’s teachings. Soon after discovering the Money Multiplier, they joined Private Money Club and attended events to learn about applying the infinite banking process in lending. As they built their understanding of the concept, the Shearers became excited about the endless possibilities there were. 

In addition to embracing infinite banking to grow their wealth, David and Dorothy quickly converted all of their traditional retirement savings into self-directed IRAs and Roths. This strategy gave them more control over their savings and increased confidence in their retirement strategy.

“It started to get really exciting. And frankly, it’s never dull. It gets more and more exciting with every bit of knowledge that we learn, that we pull in, [and] that we’re able to apply. Getting some policies in place, pulling money out of those policies, and entertaining multiple deals utilizing those policies [have] really been exciting.” – David Shearer 

Amazingly, Dorothy’s discovery of Rich Dad Poor Dad led them down a path that changed their entire perspective on financial growth. What started as an intriguing idea developed into a full-fledged personal lending business, and they’ve even formed an LLC to handle deals through Private Money Club.

How Private Money Club Expands Private Lending Knowledge

Private Money Club (PMC) is a community of like-minded individuals who have found success in private lending, borrowing, and even infinite banking. What sets this group apart is the focus on financial education and the collaborative nature of the network.

One of the most significant benefits of being a part of the PMC platform is connecting with fellow members from all walks of life. According to David and Dorothy, being in this community has allowed them to have conversations about private lending and infinite banking that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. 

“The conversations that have occurred on PMC have been great, and the Money Multiplier discussions have also been great. It’s really helped us from an educational standpoint, and it’s exactly how we learn. It also helps to establish that comradery … and a sense of trust that evolves over time. … As we talk to different borrowers that we want to lend to or have an interest in lending to, that sense of trust really becomes important.” – David Shearer

It’s not just about financial education, though. PMC also provides a platform for lenders and borrowers to connect. By hearing borrowers’ stories and learning about their goals, lenders like David and Dorothy can make informed decisions about who to lend money to. They have found that building relationships with borrowers is crucial to success.

In fact, the sense of community and support provided by PMC has been crucial to the Shearers’ success. They have been able to navigate the process of opening an LLC, a segregated bank account, and a policy thanks to the guidance and support of their PMC peers. 

Ultimately, joining PMC has been a life-changing experience for David and Dorothy. They have gone from traditional retirement savings methods to leveraging infinite banking concepts and private lending to grow their wealth exponentially. And they are just one example of the many success stories that have come out of this community!

Who Can Be a Private Lender at Private Money Club?

Private lending through the Private Money Club is possible for anyone with the determination and tenacity to! PMC attracts people who are eager to learn and grow in their knowledge of making real estate deals. 

The result is an active lending community dedicated to seeking new information and applying that knowledge to grow their portfolios.

Another appealing aspect of private lending is that it is accessible to people from all walks of life. Borrowers with various backgrounds, coaching, and experiences come to PMC seeking funding for their real estate projects.  

“The kind of energy and that kind of commitment that we’re seeing from some of the borrowers is just spectacular. And there’s something called intuition that you can’t explain. It’s just a magic sauce, and you know from ‘hello.’” – David & Dorothy Shearer

This diversity gives lenders a wide array of deal sizes, contract lengths, and terms to choose from. In addition, the fantastic blend of members provides lenders with seemingly unlimited ways to grow their private lending portfolios.

The Sky Is Literally the Limit for David and Dorothy Shearer

Private Money Club not only helps its members achieve financial freedom through private lending, but it also unlocks their potential to pursue their passions and dreams. One shining example is David, who just obtained his pilot license.

Dorothy has been a passenger on the plane twice, and while it was a little scary because of how small the plane was, she found it to be a liberating experience. 

“I’ve only flown with him two times. And he couldn’t fly with me until he got his pilot license. Now [these planes are] like toy planes. …When [David] lands, he has to actually push the plane — that’s how light it is. But David is a great driver, and he’s a great driver in the sky too.” – Dorothy Shearer

David’s passion for flying and the freedom it represents align with the core values of PMC. Private Money Club’s mission is to help its members achieve the freedom to pursue their dreams and live fulfilling lives, and that’s exactly what’s unfolding for David and Dorothy.

With the stability and reassurance of an entire network of like-minded lenders and borrowers at PMC, the Shearers can look forward to many more adventures in the future!

Unlock Your Private Lending Potential by Joining Private Money Club

If David and Dorothy’s story resonates with you, joining Private Money Club is the perfect next step to see what’s possible. The educational materials, community, and opportunity are second to none, and what you learn in PMC’s network is truly life-changing.

To get more information about how you can take control of your future through private lending, visit the website today!