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Interview Jerry Lipsey
Jerry Lipsey PMC Lender interview

Interview Jerry Lipsey

Past results do not guarantee or imply future outcomes. All rates listed below are hypothetical and do not imply typical rates available in PMC. The following approach might not be right or suitable for everyone.

Are you looking for a way to take control of your finances and build wealth that spans generations?

We’re all looking for financial security and the freedom to live the way we want. However, relying on outside institutions like retirement funds, wealth management services, and banks may prevent you from achieving your fullest financial potential.

Instead of paying interest to the typical money institutions, you can take control of your future by making wise financial choices that open the door to a freer life by being your own bank. Infinite banking unlocks the secrets behind money and uncovers the mysteries behind wealth building. The result is a transformative money strategy that puts you in the driver’s seat of your wealth.

In this article, you will learn about Jerry Lipsey’s story on how the infinite banking concept has given him control over his dollars and opened the door for a more prosperous, fuller life.

Keep reading to hear how his strategy can serve as a model for building a more successful wealth journey! 

How the Impact Players Tour Introduced Jerry Lipsey to Infinite Banking Concepts

Since the early 2000s, Jerry Lipsey has diversified his financial system in many areas, including real estate. After short-selling many of his properties during the recession in 2008, he knew there had to be a better way to handle his finances that would make them recession-proof.

As the economy bounced back, Jerry began growing his rental property portfolio again in the mid-2010s. However, he still felt that he needed another level of security to build his financial empire. Then in 2019, he found the economic answer he was looking for at the Impact Players Tour.

During this event, Jerry met Chris Naugle and Brent Kesler, two masterminds behind the Money Multiplier and experts in infinite banking concepts (IBC). The strategies and insights presented by Chris and Brent at the event left a lasting impression on Jerry, transforming how he approached control of his money.

As a numbers-driven individual, Jerry recognized the potential benefits this particular strategy could offer. Although the approach required patience and time to yield results, he appreciated the promise of building wealth and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

“I knew it would take time. And I was like, ‘Am I willing to sit back and let wealth build the right way?’ Right. It’s not getting rich quick, but getting rich for sure — and staying wealthy. Then also leaving a legacy for future generations.” – Jerry Lipsey

After the Impact Players Tour, Jerry was inspired to follow Chris and Brent’s lead. He began exploring infinite banking and learned about its potential for real estate endeavors. While he started with an IBC policy of his own, Jerry quickly realized the true power of infinite banking came from understanding and utilizing the banking process itself.

As Jerry delved deeper into infinite banking, he expanded his policies to include those for his wife, children, and grandchildren. This strategy also allowed him to allocate funds from property windfalls and improve his overall financial standing. With a newfound focus on the banking process, Jerry found himself wiping out debt in a matter of months, improving his cash flow, and providing a consistent source of funds for his own real estate deals.

“I had wiped out [my] debt within like eight [or] nine months by literally taking the money that I was giving this credit card [and recycling] that money right back [into my infinite banking policy]. I didn’t have to pay that money to them. I was coming right back into my bank, and it just made it that much easier. And it was like I just had constant cash flow. .. You just feel like you always have money. And every month or so, it feels like it’s more money, you know?” – Jerry Lipsey

The patience Jerry exercised with his policies paid off as he began to see tangible results from his infinite banking policies. Now well into his third and fourth years with these policies, Jerry continues to witness their transformative effects on his financial situation. 

How Jerry Recaptures Money by Being His Own Bank

Innovative strategies are necessary to ensure success in real estate, which is why Jerry utilizes IBC. By leveraging infinite banking, Jerry recaptures the money he used to give to creditors, ultimately resulting in a more robust and profitable lending portfolio.

As a real estate lender, Jerry experienced the challenges of managing properties during uncertain times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the obstacles he faced, he realized that banks were unwavering in their expectations, expecting monthly payments regardless of the circumstances. 

“Roofing, tenants, toilets, COVID, …  COVID really stole the show. I was like, ‘Man, people just won’t pay, right?’ … But the bank that was holding my notes, they weren’t worried. They were just like, ‘Mr. Lipsey, every first of the month, I expect a check.’ And, you know, [they] don’t care if the tenants didn’t pay.” – Jerry Lipsey

Jerry decided to take action by using his infinite banking policy to pay off the mortgage on one of his properties. By borrowing from his policy and creating a promissory note between himself and his business, he could recapture that interest and witness the exponential growth of his funds.

“I started sitting down, and I was adding up all of my debt. I was like, ‘How much money [am I] giving away every month?’ And I started recapturing that money. … It’s like [what] Nelson says, ‘Once you understand the problem, you’ll know what to do.’” – Jerry Lipsey

The power of this approach becomes apparent when you consider the alternative — giving away hard-earned money to third parties. By opting to pay yourself back with interest instead, you can harness the potential of natural financial laws and witness your money grow in unexpected ways. 

This growth, as Jerry puts it, seems almost mystical at times, as money continually returns with more than initially given.

Private Money Club’s Impact on Jerry Lipsey’s IBC Efforts

Private Money Club, an innovative platform designed to assist real estate borrowers and lenders, offers a range of resources that simplify the infinite banking process. Jerry believes this platform not only provides valuable support but also makes a significant difference in how people manage their money and grow their wealth.

To make the most out of the platform, you must efficiently keep track of your money. One useful strategy is maintaining a segregated banking account, which can help monitor cash flow.

“I sent [Chris] a letter. I was like, ‘Man, you know, I’m grateful.’ [This is] something that I thought would take me three to four years to do. It took me maybe eight or nine months, and now I’m able to take money and lend in PMC.’” – Jerry Lipsey 

Jerry’s own experience with the platform is a testament to its effectiveness. He initially anticipated it would take three to four years to achieve his financial goals, but leveraging the strategies taught in Infinite Banking and Private Money Club helped him reach those milestones in a fraction of the time. As a result, Jerry was able to expand his investments and even support family members on their financial journeys.

Although some people might initially be skeptical about this innovative approach to cash flow, the success stories speak for themselves. As Jerry’s financial situation improved and became more stable, those around him started to take notice and inquire about his strategies. 

“They see you a year later, and they’re like, ‘Jerry, you’re in Florida now and … what are you doing? You don’t go to work.’ I’m like, ‘Dude, remember four or five years ago when I was telling you about this banking process? .. I’m actually using it. [I’m] doing the process.’” – Jerry Lipsey

The key lies in embracing the infinite banking process and following the steps diligently. When you take the process into your own hands and pay close attention to your cash flow, the ability to multiply your money by becoming your own bank is truly incredible.

The Best Way to Build a Deal Through Private Money Club as a Lender

When branching out beyond infinite banking concepts and building deals on the PMC platform, Jerry Lipsey emphasizes the importance of establishing meaningful connections with fellow members. By initiating conversations and asking questions about specific deals or experiences with PMC, users can break the ice and pave the way for future collaboration.

“From there, I usually schedule a phone call if it’s [a deal] I want. I feel like I’m looking at what the type of deals that they have [and] how they’re presenting themselves on PMC. Then I’ll ask if it’s okay for us to meet either by phone call, Zoom, or something like that. And [then] we introduce ourselves to each other and discuss the deal that they have.” – Jerry Lipsey

As a lender, Jerry believes that it is crucial to represent oneself professionally and responsibly, similar to how traditional banks strive to attract clients. Demonstrating trustworthiness and commitment to prompt communication is essential for fostering successful relationships on the platform. A good lender should be timely with their paperwork and wire transfers, ensuring a smooth process for borrowers.

However, responsibility and professionalism should be reciprocal. Jerry believes lenders and borrowers should treat each other respectfully, ask tough questions, and conduct thorough due diligence. It is better to address concerns upfront than to wait until a deal is underway, as this helps to establish a strong foundation of transparency and trust.

Unlock Your Infinite Banking Potential with PMC

If you’ve been thinking to yourself, I’d like to learn more about private lending, then you are in the right place. Private Money Club has the educational resources you need to begin an empowered chapter in your journey!

Sign up to become a free club member today to get an inside look at the world of private lending, learn more about unlocking the potential of your money, and accelerate your path.