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Interview Michelle and Vin Ochoa
Interview with Michelle and Vin Ochoa

Interview Michelle and Vin Ochoa

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Have you ever wondered how effective networking could be for growing your real estate portfolio?

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing real estate market, forging meaningful connections with like-minded individuals can be the key to unlocking your full potential. One such story of success materializes in the journey of Michelle and Vin Ochoa, a dynamic duo who have made their mark in the real estate world by leveraging the power of relationship-building and mastermind groups.

By delving into Michelle and Vin’s story, you will discover how relationship building is pivotal in shaping their real estate success and how they grow trust with potential lenders. It’s an inspiring tale that underscores the importance of networking, collaboration, and learning to leverage what you’ve learned to teach others, so let’s get into it! 

Who Are Michelle and Vin Ochoa?

Michelle and Vin Ochoa are a successful power couple team that has excelled in the world of real estate. For years, they traveled down unique paths that would eventually converge in Austin, Texas. 

Vin began his journey back in 2006 with the belief that real estate was the ultimate retirement plan. Initially, he pursued a career as a real estate agent but soon realized it was quite different from building a successful real estate portfolio.

“You always kept hearing like, you know, real estate’s made more millionaires than anybody else. So not knowing any better, I’m like, ‘Well that means I gotta go get a real estate license.’ I couldn’t be farther from the truth. Being a real estate agent has nothing to do with leveraging portfolios and private money lenders and all that other stuff.” – Vin Ochoa

After purchasing properties in California, Vin faced the harsh reality of the 2008 market crash, which left him feeling lost and seeking new opportunities.

One late night, Vin stumbled upon an infomercial for Fortune Builders, a real estate education and coaching program led by Than Merrill. Feeling deeply connected with Than’s strategy for real estate portfolio growth, Vin immersed himself in the program, completing a six-week course in only 21 days. His involvement with Fortune Builders and other real estate groups eventually led him to move to Texas and seek out a new partner in the industry.

Michelle’s background in real estate began as a contractor in Florida, working on fix-and-flip projects financed by other individuals. Her intentional experience helped her understand the importance of real estate finance as she transitioned into the field. In 2021, Michelle returned to her home state of Texas and entered into a business partnership with her mother, successfully purchasing their first property together.

“I was intentionally doing [fix and flips] so that I could be able to understand what investors need in order to pick up their portfolio. I quickly made the transition [into building my own real estate portfolio]. I gave myself five years, and I did it in four. … I felt that I was ready. So, I explored the options of moving back to my home state, … and I got into business with my mom. We bought our first property in 2021 together, and [we] were very successful in doing that.” – Michelle Ochoa

In February 2022, Vin and Michelle crossed paths when Vin reached out to a mutual acquaintance, seeking someone to show him around San Antonio. From day one, their connection was evident, and their joint real estate venture started in late 2022.

“For me, it was love at first sight. I know I tell her all the time, and she’s like, ‘How could you be in love when we hadn’t even seen each other yet?’ This [connection] was all over one conversation. I knew she was a very sharp individual, and she piqued my interests on every possible level. And so, [she] was just somebody that I had a need [to be with], whether it was for a personal reason or business. You could just tell she knew what she was talking about.” – Vin Ochoa

Vin and Michelle joined the Private Money Club four months ago, using its innovative networking opportunities to further their knowledge and connections in the private lending world. Both believe that the effort and energy put into learning and networking are essential to success in the industry.

How they Leverage PMC for Private Lending Opportunities

The importance of a strong network and strategic connections cannot be overstated when it comes to growing your real estate portfolio. Connection-building opportunities are where platforms like PMC shine, offering real estate investors opportunities to establish new relationships, share knowledge, and grow their businesses. 

For borrowers like Michelle and Vin, being part of such a community has proven invaluable in expanding their reach and strengthening their deal-making strategies.

“PMC has given us that platform to be able to connect. … This gives us just another level that we can grow a bigger community. What we have [also] found is the trainings that you guys are providing to others that are in the accelerator program makes sure to protect both borrower and lender. We really like that.” – Michelle Ochoa

In the past, they have found many private lenders through friends, family, and other mastermind groups. Now, PMC’s services allow Vin and Michelle to connect easily with private lenders from various backgrounds. By participating in the Private Money Club network, they have unlocked another level of connection and expanded their circle of potential funding partners.

“With all [of the] masterminds that we’ve joined, technically, the information is all out on the interwebs, if you will, for free. You just have to know where to look and how to process it and how to put it together. … I would say PMC is really so far ahead of the curve in networking, mingling, and everything else.” – Vin Ochoa

By capitalizing on the resources and networking opportunities provided by PMC, such as in-person events, borrowers like Michelle and Vin can elevate their real estate businesses to new heights. Through the platform’s focus on education, best practices, and building solid connections, individuals can grow their networks, access crucial resources, and confidently navigate the complex world of real estate.

How Michelle & Vin Build Trust in Real Estate Ventures

The world of real estate is often complex and challenging. Still, Michelle and Vin have demonstrated that they can grow their lending network and achieve success by connecting with the right people, sharing their knowledge, and nurturing relationships. 

A critical component of Michelle and Vin’s strategy is their commitment to educating others about private lending best practices that they’ve learned from their years of experience. 

They believe in serving their network and are willing to invest time and effort into sharing their knowledge and helping others understand how to properly engage in private lending. This approach has resulted in stronger connections and relationships, as well as fostering trust among their lending partners.

Additionally, Michelle and Vin’s mindset plays a significant role in their ability to find opportunities and establish new relationships. They are consistently on the lookout for potential lending partners and seek to engage with others, even in casual settings. 

“We’re always looking for opportunities — I’ll give you an example. We went to dinner last night, and we’re sitting at the restaurant. We hear the lady next to us [say] that she’s a retired nurse practitioner [who] work[ed] at most 20 hours a week [who’s] looking to travel and is just kind of bored more than anything else. So I’m like, ‘I see an opportunity, let’s go talk to her.’ And we start talking about turning her into a private money lender.” – Vin Ochoa

This proactive approach to networking has allowed them to grow their lending network and create new connections. After all, when you don’t close yourself off to the idea that opportunity is everywhere, it opens you up to unlimited potential business ventures.

Another key factor in their success is their understanding of the importance of personal rapport in the lending process. They believe that no matter how attractive a deal might be, if a potential lender does not trust or like the borrower, the deal may not materialize. 

“The easiest part of real estate is always finding the money. Because if the numbers make sense, the money will show up. … And on top of that, somebody’s gotta like you. I don’t care how good a deal is. If they don’t like you, they’re not gonna lend to you.” – Vin Ochoa

Michelle and Vin have also harnessed the power of various masterminds and platforms like PMC to expand their reach and connect with a larger audience. Through these connections, they have enhanced their knowledge, gained access to new resources, and collaborated with other investors who share their values and goals.

By sharing their knowledge and expertise with others, they not only empower fellow deal makers but also create a vibrant community of informed, responsible private lenders. Embracing this collaborative and educational approach helps them achieve greater success in the real estate world.

How Walking Away from a Deal Can Grow Relationships

When dealing in private lending and infinite banking, understanding the importance of relationship-building and learning from experiences is crucial. Borrowers like Michelle and Vin emphasize this by treating every interaction with their lenders as an opportunity for growth and long-term relationship development.

Building relationships on solid foundations is key to success in private lending. Sometimes, deals might not go through, but that shouldn’t necessarily be perceived negatively. 

For instance, when a borrower recognizes that the numbers don’t work and decides to pull out of a deal, it demonstrates their ability to make informed decisions and put their lender’s interests first. This decision creates trust and paves the way for future collaboration, regardless of how challenging it is to make that decision.

Michelle and Vin’s approach to private lending is characterized by ethical decision-making, ensuring that their lenders get paid before they do. Sharing core values and being willing to walk away from a deal when it’s not the right fit are essential elements of their business philosophy. They understand that, at times, saying no can be the best course of action for all parties involved, protecting the interests of both borrower and lender.

Learning from experiences, even when they don’t go as planned, is another vital aspect of their approach to private lending. By adopting the mindset that everything happens for a reason, they can continuously improve and adapt. 

“[Life] doesn’t happen to you — it happens for you. We’re big believers in everything in life, regardless of how bad it seems, there’s always a learning lesson in there. And if you can walk away from that bad experiment on how not to do that again, then it’s a plus because you learn from it.” – Vin Ochoa

Michelle and Vin believe that, no matter how challenging a situation may seem, there is always a learning opportunity to be seized, allowing them to avoid repeating mistakes in the future.

The Benefits of Joining Private Money Club for Your Real Estate Journey

The importance of relationship building cannot be understated when you’re building a portfolio and expanding your real estate ventures. 

As exemplified by Michelle and Vin’s journey, these experiences have significantly contributed to their growth and success in private lending and infinite banking. Their story serves as an inspiration and a testament to the power of human connections in the world of real estate.

By joining the PMC community and participating in the live mastermind events, you’ll open yourself to the opportunity of sparking new relationships and fostering growth. 
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