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Site Changelog:

(Feature additions, bug fixes and technical stuff for nerds)


Quite a few fixes and changes. The biggest feature is now users can send bulk messages to those who have opted in. As an example, a Borrower can send a message to all lenders to let them know about a new deal they have. This can be done from the messages tab from the profile page. When composing a new message, click the envelope icon on the right to enter the bulk message composer. Note that these messages will only go to users who have opted in to receive them:

Opt in for Borrowers:

Opt in for Lenders:

To summarize:

  • Fixed new listings not showing on home page
  • Added bulk messaging feature for all users
  • Added opt in pages for bulk notifications
  • Added Slack feed to home page
  • Added basic affiliate system

-PMC Site Admin