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Start Controlling & Expanding Your Portfolio

Private Money Club gives you the control to find more funds for your deals, and find more deals for your funds. Whether you enjoy lending money and helping others, or borrowing money to grow your portfolio, Private Money Club is THE online source for the Real Estate community. And if you are new, do not worry, we share years of experience with you through our on-demand LEARN section, blog posts, and weekly trainings. Join today and allow our RE experts to walk you through the PMC platform and get you started with the right foot forward. 

We know, you might be a little hesitant. Here's how PMC can help.


Learn to Control your Wealth & Become a Private Lender or Borrower through PMC’s exclusive Learn platform.


Connect with other like minded Real Estate entrepreneurs and Lenders controlling their wealth.

Find New Deals

With a broad range of short & long term deals posted by members, there is an opportunity to achieve your financial goals.


With unlimited access to weekly and monthly coaching webinars, as well as on-demand videos, get the help you need to be an educated borrower or lender.


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Unlock your real estate potential: Join our free Private Money Quickstart weekly webinar!

This LIVE weekly webinar is not just for Real Estate Business Owners seeking new financing avenues for their deal flow. (Although it is for them too!)

PMC Quickstart Weekly Webinar is ALSO for:

  1. Individuals curious about how to lend private money in real estate, and want to find out if they are a good fit.
  2. Entrepreneurs eager to leverage private capital for real estate property opportunities.
  3. Professionals with high paying occupations aiming  to understand private money dynamics in real estate, and determine if they can deploy this in their retirement strategies.

Hear What some Existing Members Have to Say

Private Money Club is your online resource to connect with other real estate entrepreneurs and private money lenders to make magic happen.

Private Money Club provides you the people, tools, resources, training, and community to help you achieve your financial goals. We have found there are two types of people, those with money, and those that need money. No matter which side of the coin you are on, there is someone in Private Money Club looking to help you get there.

Watch these two videos for a quick Demo of What PMC Can Do For You.

Here are just a few of the deals that our amazing community is currently working on.

Money Talks. We Speak Its Language.

Rooted with native experience in both borrowing & lending on real estate, our mission is to provide growth opportunities for all sides of the coin.

Since start-up in 2020 our success in large part has been built on a wide base of diverse everyday individuals and hundreds of private deal postings.

We live in a rapidly changing economic climate, and one that often leaves many feeling powerless with their finances. PMC highlights a private approach to individual wealth strategies: one that is decentralized, and 100% self-powered. Our platform empowers its members to take complete authority and control over their business decisions and encourages them to focus it on deals they believe in.

The team at PMC has a combined 50+ years of experience in the real estate and private lending space. Founder and CEO, Chris Naugle, has served 20+ years in the leadership role of over 16 businesses before starting the company. We have built a team and a network dedicated to ventures, community growth, and best practices.

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