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💥 Relationships are Key!

Bobby Tindal

My wife and I are always looking to meet new lenders and borrowers!  Networking and forming mutually beneficial relationships will provide 🚀 fuel to your journey.  Now investing in three states thanks to the help from our Private Money Club lenders!  We are closing 5-10 properties a month as fix/flips, but now ramping up our Wholetailing business as well.  If you want to make some great quick returns by being a transactional lender (Very Short Term), flip lender (Mid Term), rental lender (Longer Term) please email me: or Call: 803-830-5515. Social Links:

I would be happy to answer any question about our journey, mission and team here!


  1. Leah Matsil

    Hi, Bobby, just sent a connection request in PMC.  I will email you to get more information on potentially working together in the future.  Thanks for including contact info herein.