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10+ Years & 100% Track Record working with Private Lenders?

Noah Harris

Hello Private Money Club!

Scheduling 1 on 1 calls with potential lenders has become a full time job for us.  To help make it easy, we’ve created this quick video that outlines our business and how we help people.  Lots of deals in our pipeline.  Click the link below:

If you’re looking for funds and want to learn how to become a great borrower, sign up for the next Private Money Club Accelerator coaching class!

Look forward to working with you!

Noah & Christy


  1. FrankLee

    Is this where we can find people who buy notes? We are trying to find people who want to buy notes specifically in central FL and their criteria. Sorry if this reply is in the wrong place.

  2. Noah Harris

    Thank you to everyone who’s scheduled a time to chat.  I’ve made several awesome relationships and looking forward to making more with both borrowers and lenders.